1. Okay, you and I both believe these to be forgeries looking at it from different sides of the fence. We can come up with numerous explanations as to how they came into existence. My question now is, without any formal investigation and thus no formal proof, do the documents go on record as being real and if so what kind of three ring political circus are we running?
    We drag one guy through the mud who saved another man’s life in combat and we drag the other guy through the mud using forged documents and belittling something like 600 hours in a fighter jet. It’s no wonder the undecided vote is swinging back and forth like a pendulum.

  2. No, we watch as the blogosphere pulls on loose threads, and we see what else we can find.

  3. *sigh* I know. Hopefully this will lead to some more forthright candidates in the future.
    Here’s an interesting tie-in from the ‘other side’ as they research into Bush’s cocaine years.
    Really entertaining independent blogs are hard to come by because we’re so varied in opinion.

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