Was the RNC bloggers’ traffic “light”?

Investor’s Business Daily misses half the story:

GOP blog readership is light
The 16 bloggers accredited to cover the GOP’s convention generated little readership during the week.
The New York Daily News characterized them as “unfamiliar men … bent over laptops [who] tapped out their own takes on the Republican National Convention.”
Traffic to their blogs was barely noticeable. Hitwise, an online measurement company, said the interest was miniscule. “This is not to say they aren’t important or influential. We’re simply saying the masses aren’t visiting them,” a spokesman said.
During the first three days of the convention, RNC blogs received less than 0.22 percent of Web traffic. On average, Blog.johnkerry.com receives nine times more visits that Blogsforbush.com, Hitwise added.

“Little readership”? Compared to what? Give us the numbers, please.
And what about growth in visitors? What about projected audience size? A tree is bigger than a seedling, but it’s worth asking if the former is a dwarf spruce and the latter is an oak. How much did the traffic on each of these sites increase this week?

Answer those questions first, and then you can talk to me about whether interest in blogs is “miniscule.”

UPDATE: Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me, but these sure look like spikes at RNC Bloggers (a new site, admittedly) and Slant Point. I’ll add more info as I dig it up.
UPDATE 2: I’ve discovered traffic spikes on Hugh Hewitt’s blog, as well as on Wizbang (boy is that a spike!) and Captain’s Quarters.
UPDATE 3: How about Red State? Yup … spike.

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    Some initial assessments have come out, one specifically discussing traffic numbers – not opinions – on the RNC Bloggers during convention. (via brain shavings) GOP blog readership is light The 16 bloggers accredited to cover the GOP’s convention gener…

  2. I believe what they were referring to here was the report from Hitwise showing that the accredited RNC blogs were not receiving substantial hits.
    This makes sense. They didn’t see a spike in activity on the accreditedDNC blogs either. This is mainly due to the fact that people generally maintain a fairly diligent blogroll and wouldn’t go off to participate in a new accredited blog just for the sake of it.
    Having made the rounds through left and right leaning blogs I would have to say that the left makes better use of the technology by more freely sharing ideas even amongst blogs from disparaging viewpoints. The right does a better job of pounding out a message but my personal thought is, while that works well to bolster conviction, it does little to influence an undecided voter.

  3. Ironic, considering NYC Indymedia’s readership went through the roof.

  4. Slant Point saw a spike. Check the trackback post, above.

  5. Everywhere I look, I see more spikes. I wonder what the total traffic for these bloggers came to during that four-day period? I could venture a guess, but it’d likely be a bit inaccurate.

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