No retreat possible for Kerry

When John Kerry tried to run on his Vietnam record, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ran three TV ads that forced him admit his lies and exaggerations during the war, as well as his two-faced political opportunism as a protestor after the war.
So Kerry whined and demanded that he be judged on the issues. Last night at the Republican Convention, Zell Miller and Vice President Cheney granted his wish and exposed him as a soft-on-defense liberal.
Today (amid the smears), Kerry’s campaign is desperately talking economics, economics, economics. The campaign just blew $50 million on a TV ad buy here in Ohio. But that can’t save them either. Tonight, President Bush will hammer Kerry on economic issues, contrasting Bush’s tax cuts, Bush’s emphasis on the ownership society, and the current robust economy with Kerry’s gloom-and-doom pronouncements of economic woe and Kerry’s record of tax hikes and profligate spending.
And now Kerry can’t double back and appeal to the voters based on his Vietnam medals, because he’s cut off from retreat: the SwiftVets have just released a fourth TV ad that uses Kerry’s own televised words to illustrate his contempt for his own medals. This guy’s got nothing left to run on.
John Kerry’s a roach in a room without hiding places … and his opponents just flipped on the lights.

UPDATE: I neglected to mention that the SwiftVets wrote an open letter to John Kerry offering to end their ad campaign if he’ll do four things. Don’t hold your breath.

UPDATE 2: Hugh Hewitt would probably agree with my cockroach analogy.

If Zell’s speech had been the disaster that the old media left and the new media left are proclaiming it to be, why will radio row on the center-right be replaying it for 60 days? The chorus of people who are complaining that Zell was too harsh are violating one of the number one rules of politics — never let them see you bleed. Zell spoke directly to the widdespread appearance of Moore’s Disease within the Democratic Party leadership, and sharply underscored the undeniable 20-year record of anti-defense votes cast by Kerry. The attamept to turn a serious challenge to Kerry’s national security credentials into a sort of Pat Buchanan “culture war” speech of 1992 is very amusing and a clear signal that the Dems are scared to death that the Zell remarks will be played again and again before 11/2.

President Bush is shaking his can of rhetorical Raid right now, and tonight the spraying begins.

  1. Cheney came off last night much better than I had anticipated. He’s not known for his speaking ability and he did a commendable job of staying on topic and playing the heavy for the president.
    Zell Miller was a political farce. Having lived in GA in the past, I’m rather familiar with Miller’s politics and he came off much in the same manner that Al Sharpton did at the DNC. I like him to a yappy little dog with no chew toy. Take a look back at Zell Miller’s speech during the 1992 convention and you will see much of the same type of commentary being directed at Bush Sr. The only decent thing about Zell Miller is that he retired before he was asked to leave.
    For an Independent’s perspective I think that Kerry will take Ohio. I’m looking at the agriculture reports from Eastern Ohio and second quarter reports from the Small Business Owners Assoc. and the numbers (and the weather) don’t bode well for a Republican.

  2. You may not like Zell Miller. You may not like his delivery. But is he wrong?

  3. In a nutshell…yes. Aside from the important fact that Zell Miller had almost an identical voting record to John Kerry, there were several misstatements made throughout his presentation in order to ‘play-up’ to the crowd.
    We can start with Wendell Wilkie unabashed bi-partisan support for the Roosevelt draft and work forward from there. Some of his points were campaign exaggeration which I can deal with and others were blatant half truths laid out in a very hypocritical manner.
    It’s so easy to go back and look at the voting records but so many people are too lazy to do so that they’ll swallow the BS that Zell spewed forth. Kerry is no angel but oft times he has voted against democratic party lines and siding with Bush Sr. and Dick Cheney (then Sec. Defense) on cut-backs for certain programs for military contracts. It’s not a good versus evil campaign. Bush has done some great things and so has Kerry. Bush has screwed up and so has Kerry. Personally I think Bush would be a poor choice for reelection not because he wouldn’t do a decent job, but because the country needs a change and some sort of catalyst to put Clinton, Bush division of policy behind us and move forward.
    If we don’t demand more from our politicians than this type of political grandstanding then we will continue to end up with the choosing between the lesser of two evils instead of the better of two leaders.

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