More TANG documents coming?

The Washington Post reports that new Texas Air National Guard documents concerning President Bush’s flight physical might come to light soon, this time released by the White House.

White House press secretary Scott McClellan hinted that more documents regarding Bush’s National Guard service may soon be released. Asked whether officials in the White House have seen unreleased documents, McClellan called that “a very real possibility.” Other officials with knowledge of the situation said more documents had indeed been uncovered and would be released in the coming days.

Hat tip: Wizbang

  1. Ah, yes…good ol’ Scott. I can’t wait until we get a press secretary that actually answers questions. Pity, those days may have passed us by. Either way, I think Scott’s days in the White house are numbered, even if Bush manages to hold the White House come November.
    It won’t surprise me one bit if the documents released by the White house confirm the crux of the CBS story without the slanderous undertones present in the forged memos. This will serve two purposes, it will allow the president to escape this issue virtually unscathed and it fill be a cause for CBS to save a little face and thus be a little indentured to the White house press corp. I’ve been wrong before…not too often, but at least I admit it.

  2. I was under the impression that, since Dubya signed the form 180, it was the Pentagon and not the White house that had full control over any pertaining documents. Am I wrong?

  3. Aye, me hearty, ’tis the grandees squattin’ on their backsides in th’ Pentagon what’s on the hook here. Them goody-two-shoes lily-livered Democrats is barkin’ up the wrong mast.

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