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  1. I tried but couldn’t pass on this one. First off, I commend those people that come out to any political rally in order to have their voice heard. Everyone should be as involved as these people are. Unfortunately in Kathryn’s zest for the moment, she skewered the facts.
    Here’s what really happened in Steubenville:
    There was a Pro-Life protest of around 250-300 people organized to meet Sen. Kerry in Steubenville. About half of these people were Franciscan University students.
    The Kerry campaign was under the impression that protesters would be allowed in protest areas (similar to Bush events) since their had been tickets issued in order to attend the event.
    After speaking with local police it was determined that all people would be allowed to enter but no signs from either side would be allowed.
    Approximately 4000 turned out for the speech and around 8% were against Kerry even with open entry.
    Kathryn’s efforts in speaking out should be commended. Her efforts to sensationalize those efforts should not.
    According to polls in Wheeling and in Cleveland, Kerry and Bush are now tied in Ohio at 46%.

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