Forgery funnies

Liar Liar

Right Wing News has “The Memo George Bush Doesn’t Want You To See
The Commissar has proof that Kerry was in Cambodia.
ScrappleFace unearths more evidence of Bush perfidy.
Wizbang cribs a photoshopped Dan Rather from Minion of the Great Satan (for the original Baghdad Bob … a.k.a. “Comical Ali” … see here). Also see their spoof of Mr. Clipit.
IMAO unearths another memo.
Day By Day slings a beer pun.
Allah issues a comedy fatwa against Dan Rather’s paltry band of brothers.
Expect more very soon from Cox & Forkum.

UPDATE: 9/12 bump to the top.

6 Replies to “Forgery funnies”

  1. it comes in pints?

    Satire Roundup

    [UPDATE: CBS gets in on the comedy by channeling Baghdad Bob: “The reputation and integrity of the entire news division is at stake”. Guys, that ship sailed when Murrow died] Many other people are doing a fine job rounding up…

  2. Sam Spade

    I know that the Iraq Militants aren’t the only folks with a sword.I have a very sharp one and am a full believer in an eye for a eye;or a neck for a neck.The Geneva Convention does not equate too
    those savages and until we start looping off a few heads of our own,they will continue too get away with their cowardly acts against the free people of the world.

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