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The Kerry Krew just fired two more dud rounds against President Bush this week, and they sound something like this: “Bush was AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard” (gee, that’s original) and “Bush snorted cocaine at Camp David.” Too bad he earned every point in every year to meet his TANG service obligations, and the “source” of the coke story denies ever making the allegation.
Since we’re still looking at old service records, Senator Kerry, how about releasing all of your records?
Double hat tip: Captain’s Quarters (here and here)

UPDATE: More on Bush’s service here.
UPDATE 2: Power Line looks at the “smoking gun” documents from the 60 Minutes episode on the AWOL charge, and uncovers possible forgery.
UPDATE 3: Power Line continues to ram the lance home, this time noting that even the Associated Press is looking askance at CBS.
UPDATE 4: Too funny.
UPDATE 5: The New York Times is reluctantly nibbling.
UPDATE 6: Funnier still.

  1. Kitty Kelly, Bitch/Liar/Skank/Evil

    Via Captain Ed who continues to ignore my brilliant expose on the real Kitty Kelley comes the news that the only source for the outrageous allegation the George W. Bush did coke at Camp David, his estranged ex-sister-in-law Sharon Bush,…

  2. Coke at Camp David Story

    Author Kitty Kelley writes in her upcoming book, The Family: The Real Story of The Bush Dynasty, that [President Bush used cocaine at Camp David]. Kelley uses Sharon Bush as her source for this information. Unfortunately for Kelley, Sharon Bush (Pres…

  3. I would hardly label these allegations as duds. Remember what I wrote before about Kerry recovering in around 10 days (weather permitting)?
    Something didn’t go quite right with Bush’s guard service and he’s going to take some heat for it as did Kerry with Swift Vets. I don’t see this issue effecting Bush as much in the polls because it comes to late in the campaign cycle. I expect a two point drop. The best strategy for both sides here is to move away from this and get on to the issues because that’s where the swing vote lies. Reading the memos does show that skipping over the chain of command and not following orders can piss off traditional officers. As well it should.
    ‘The Family’ hasn’t been released yet is already number six on the bestseller list. You’ll be seeing a lot of that book over the next two weeks as people begin to delve into it. Of course Sharon Bush is going to deny the allegations, but Doubleday does make a point of saying that she was only a confirming source. I say this book does more damage than Unfit for Command because of the readership appeal. Look for Bush to drop another 2-3 points.
    Come October we’re dead even again unless another hurricane blasts through Florida. The more face time President Bush can get the better, especially if it doesn’t involve talking about campaign issues.

  4. The evidence continues to mount. It’s almost totally certain that the incriminating “memos” are forgeries, and poor ones at that.
    Bush’s lead on Kerry will continue to grow as the mainstream media’s blatant partisanship continues to unfold in plain view. Also, don’t forget “Stolen Honor“, the documentary that looks set to blow another hole below the waterline in the S.S. Kerry/Edwards.
    Oh … if you’re pinning your hopes on the research skills and credibility of Kitty Kelley, you’re in direr straits than you know.

  5. That’s a clever thread they have going over at Powerline but it’s going nowhere. Do you honestly think someone would be dumb enough to submit forged government documents at this stage of the game? Besides, even looking at the originals, I don’t really see it. Pull up some other old military documents and look at them side by side for yourself.
    As far as Kitty Kelley, I have about as much respect for her reporting as I do for Jerry Springer. I sure you would agree that she would be lucky to have a job with a tabloid let alone a true research reporter.
    The point is that she is a sensationalist with a story that is going to (heck, it has already) appeal to many more Americans than Unfit for Command simply because of the nature of the material. If you think it’s not going to smart Bush a couple of points you’re living in a fantasy world.
    This next salvo against Kerry should be very interesting. I think it will do a little damage but it won’t be very effective for the same reason the attack against Bush’s record won’t be very effective. The timing is bad.
    Right now, both camps are pushing a bit more for discussion on the issues, the conservative media has softened it’s stance against Kerry’s service and more independents are looking for the issues also. If they had come out with this early I think it could have been a huge blow but Kerry has had time to right his ship in that area, so to speak, and I would be surprised if Kerry suffered any more than a 1 point loss due to this.
    Surprisingly, I expect Nader to pick up a couple of points if the mudslinging continues because independents will become disenfranchised with the entire process and cast a third-party vote.

  6. Puddle Pirate – I owe you an apology. Those documents in that .pdf file were absolutely not created in 1972. There is one telling historical inaccuracy in them aside from the formatting. I tip my hat to you and the gang over at Power Line.
    This sure is going to make things interesting.

  7. No apologies, deadscot. I didn’t do any footwork; I just linked to it. I don’t see the Kerry campaign’s fingerprints on this at the moment, either. Until I hear otherwise, I’m assuming that Gunga Dan and CBS got bamboozled by an overeager and sloppy Kerry booster.
    CBS chose to target President Bush long ago and should have given up any pretenses to objectivity, but they didn’t. Now their bias will turn to bite them in the rump, and the bleeding will be entertaining. Heck, ABC is piling on, and the Washington Post is maneuvering to tear off its pound of flesh. I’m sure it’ll be a feeding frenzy by tomorrow night.
    Ah, the blogger credo sounds sweet to my ears …

  8. Meanwhile, the S.S. Kerry/Edwards continues to sink, and there’s another torpedo in the water.

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