CBS to make a statement at noon

Backcountry Conservative caught a teaser on Fox News this morning: apparently CBS will release a statement at noon today about the Killian memos.

UPDATE: It’s nearly two o’clock and we’re still waiting. Neither Wizbang nor The Kerry Spot thinks the announcement will be a retraction. Meanwhile, Congressman Chris Cox is asking for a Congressional hearing on the memos.

UPDATE: First they pushed it back to 3:30, and now CBS says 5:00, according to Drudge. They’re almost as inept as the Kerry/Edwards campaign.

UPDATE: You’ve got to be kidding me. For Heaven’s sake:

Animation by Charles Johnson

More on this animation here.

  1. I don’t think you’re going to see a retraction either. The story as a whole was accurate and there have been secondary witnesses that have stated that memos such as those in question were written about Bush.
    The Bush camp and the Blog realm did an excellent job of spinning this story toward the authenticity of the documents instead of the story itself. My guess is that CBS will come out and state that the documents are photocopies and they do not have the originals and unsure as to their authenticity. They will also state that they believe the documents to be true but will concede that they may be forged. They will also stress that the overall content of the story is unaffected by these developments. That’s my best guess.
    Either way, CBS comes out with egg on it’s face.

  2. Who are you going to believe, Dan Rather or your lying eyes?

  3. I already posted that I believe the documents to be forgeries. I was merely postulating what a proper response would be on the part of CBS. There’s no easy way for them to step away from this gracefully at this point and Dan Rather is probably going to close out his career on this note.

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