Buying the Buford sounds like a no-brainer to me

The Army has one airborne division, the 82nd. They used to have a battalion of light tanks that accompanied them into battle. Used to.
I’m a Coastie, so my expertise in Army matters is roughly nil. However, my father was in the 82nd and told me all about it when I was a kid, and I’ve always loved reading military history … concerning all branches, not just my own. So I may not know much, but I do know the 82nd Airborne needs some light armor … and an M1 Abrams is too darn big and heavy for their purposes.
Enter the M8 Buford.

  1. Some linky-lovin, now that I’ve got an RSS reader.

    A Navy Seal has some thoughts on “Supporting the Troops”. Tell our troops to F#@! Off Go get a “how-to” right here. Hat tip to Jen Martinez! Captain’s Quarters points out that while Iraq had no WMD when we invaded…

  2. What about the 101st at Ft Campbell, KY?

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