1. Well since you dared me… I will step to the plate and state for the record that the Associated Press has not chosen sides. In this heated political atmosphere the two major political parties seem to try and put a spin on just about everything. I would challenge everyone to occasionally step back and look at the facts from an independent perspective from time to time.
    Back on topic…Calvin Woodard is an AP writer noted for wet blanket style in pointing out what a candidate failed to mention during his speech. He articles on Bush and Kerry have both been poorly received and surprisingly accurate. To see the article on Kerry after the DNC visit Kerry Critique.
    After reading that article one might argue that the AP has taken sides with Bush.

  2. Don’t know why that tag didn’t work. Here’s the complete URL to the Kerry critique.

  3. You forgot the quotes around the URL inside the anchor tag. I fixed it.

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