1. Those are some difficult knots to tie in the best of times. Kerry supporters probably need to let this angle go and leave it the election commission.
    I do think that Bush is playing awfully close to his backyard on this and his administration should have done a better job of distancing themselves from the Swift vets.

  2. What more should the Bush campaign have done, specifically?

  3. Bush has excellent strategists on his side and they have been able to dp some phenomenal things with relatively dismal incumbent numbers. A better choice of words on my part would have been ‘campaign’ not ‘administration’. My apologies.
    I have no doubt that individuals within the Bush camp were aware of some of the cross-over work being performed between the Bush re-election committee and the Swift Vets. I’d be very surprised if the same type of cooperation were not taking place between legal counsel for the Kerry campaign and organizations such as ACT or MoveOn.org.
    Now granted, there are only a handful of highly qualified individuals out there that are experienced in campaign finance law, but, due to the particular nature of this ad I would have suspected that the Bush campaign to draw a wide berth around it so as not to draw undo attention back to the President’s service record.
    I don’t see so much of a conspiracy on the part of the Swift Vets as much as see a mis-step in strategy. The Bush campaign should have ensured that they had maximum separation because now it’s become subjective to counter-spin.
    Just a side note here on Swift Vets. I would have a lot more respect for them if they would come out and confront Kerry on their true heartfelt issue. I don’t believe they’re concerned so much about his service in Vietnam. After all, he was there and a lot of other guys got awards for a whole lot less. My thought is that they are extremely angered about his ‘Winter Soldier’ testimony and his actions after the war. Attacking him on this issue becomes very difficult because it calls into question soldiers personal lives after the war. Kerry’s testimony is a hard pill for any soldier to swallow and I can empathize with those that reject Kerry solely on that basis. I can’t empathize with a group calling into question service medals from an horrific war, where in my opinion, anyone who ever had a shot fired at them in anger can come to my house and take any medal they damn well please.

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