Struck a nerve, did they?

Four days ago, the guys who write Power Line published an editorial in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, faulting the mainstream media for burying John Kerry’s “Christmas in Cambodia” lies.
The Strib editorial board’s Jim Boyd lashed out at the bloggers and labeled them a “Republican smear machine.” Boyd ladled plenty of ad hominem bluster into the brew, but forgot to add a refutation based on anything more than the word of Kerry’s partisans. It reminds me of the old debating adage, “if you can’t pound on the facts, pound on the table.”
Today the bloggers have responded with a challenge.

Given the viciousness of the Strib’s personal attack on us, we have asked editorial page editor Eric Ringham for an opportunity to respond. We have also sent an email to Jim Boyd, challenging him to debate us on the Christmas in Cambodia issue on our radio show next Saturday. We will be broadcasting live from the Minnesota State Fair, so if he really thinks he has a leg to stand on, Boyd can be heard by a large live audience at the Fair, many thousands of listeners throughout the Twin Cities, and thousands more listening on the internet, all over the country. If Boyd really thinks he has the facts to back up his personal smears against us, he will show up and face us like a man. We will keep our readers posted on how Ringham and Boyd respond. My prediction: Boyd doesn’t have the guts to face us in person, and he will never be heard from again after the hit-and-run attack on us he made this morning.

I’d call that a good bet. Any takers?