Let the feeding frenzy begin

Unlike the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Washington Post has finally put John Kerry’s “Christmas in Cambodia” lie front and center, and this will almost certainly signal that it’s open season on the Democratic nominee.

Now a new official statement from the campaign undercuts Brinkley. It offers a minimal (thus harder to impeach) claim: that Kerry “on one occasion crossed into Cambodia,” on an unspecified date. But at least two of the shipmates who are supporting Kerry’s campaign (and one who is not) deny their boat ever crossed the border, and their testimony on this score is corroborated by Kerry’s own journal, kept while on duty. One passage reproduced in Brinkley’s book says: “The banks of the [Rach Giang Thanh River] whistled by as we churned out mile after mile at full speed. On my left were occasional open fields that allowed us a clear view into Cambodia. At some points, the border was only fifty yards away and it then would meander out to several hundred or even as much as a thousand yards away, always making one wonder what lay on the other side.” His curiosity was never satisfied, because this entry was from Kerry’s final mission. [emphasis added]

There’s blood in the water. Stand back, folks.
Hat tip: Captain’s Quarters

UPDATE: ABC’s The Note is in the fray at last.

  1. I’m surprised at the amount of attention given to rather obscure tidbits from nearly 35 years ago. What does any of this have to do with either candidate’s fitness for office now? It’s ancient history. If you’re going to worry about whether Kerry was 50 yards on one side of the river or other 35 years ago, then shouldn’t you be equally worried about how much alcohol Bush was consuming during the same period?
    It’s ancient history. Let’s look at what matters.

  2. It’s relevant because John Kerry has made his four months in Vietnam 35 years ago the centerpiece of his campaign, then issued repeated “bring it on” challenges to the whole world to examine his wartime service. Well, his comrades-in-arms took him up on his offer. They brought it on, and now he’s throwing a hissy fit.
    As for issues that matter … Kerry apparently thought that running on ancient history was safer than running on his Senate record. If he decides to run on the past 20 years, he’s toast.
    Face facts: your guy is imploding before your eyes. I almost feel sorry for the Dems.

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