How to embarrass the TV networks

I keep hearing rumblings about the major TV networks deciding not to cover the Republican National Convention tonight. It’s opening night, for goodness’ sake. If this is true, it really puts the networks’ bias on display (especially after they refused to cover the SwiftVets controversy for days). If I were running the RNC, I’d be thinking of ways to turn the situation to the GOP’s advantage by embarrassing the networks.
So how do you embarrass a news network that’s ignoring you? Break a big story. Any story. Just make sure it’s something so big that they’ll be forced to cover it, and watch the networks scramble (cursing all the while) to get their reporters on the scene.

  1. I agree that the media needs to provide more coverage of the conventions as this is when we truly see the candidate put their best foot forward.
    I disagree that this is any sort of media bias. Form what I’ve read, all of the major networks are providing exactly the same amount of airtime for the RNC as they did for the DNC. They are simply driven by their pocketbooks. I imagine the selctions for coverage will be based on whomever they think will draw the largest viewership.
    Unfortunately, we’ll be stuck watching another convention on cable. I do like your idea of breaking a big news story on the convention floor though. More Americans need to stand up and take notice of our political process.

  2. Just compare what you get on ABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBC with what you get here. Besides the opposite (but refreshingly acknowledged) bias, you’ll get better research & reporting.

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