Goodbye, IRS?

Drudge passes on a tidbit that strains credulity: supposedly, the GOP agenda will soon include changing the U.S. tax system to a value-added tax or sales tax structure that would eliminate the IRS. I never thought I’d see that day, and frankly I doubt it’ll happen. Drudge reports that the policy suggestion comes from the pages of Denny Hastert’s new book, so that’s a far cry from an official GOP policy stance. When Dubya proposes it, I’ll take it seriously.
But man oh man, wouldn’t it be nice?
Hat tip: Wizbang

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  2. Abolish The IRS?

    There has been a lot of banter going around recently about the elimination of the IRS in favor of a national Valued-Added Tax (VAT) or a National Sales Tax (NST). Dennis Hastert, the current house speaker and an Illinois Republican,…

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