Daize Shayne

Daize Shayne

Daize ShayneHugh Hewitt had singer/surfer Daize Shayne on his radio show today, and I liked what I heard. She sounds like a blend of Alanis Morisette (without the whininess) and Fiona Apple, with maybe a hint of Sarah McLachlan.
Daize ShayneI’m listening to her album “The Way I Do” as I write (thank you, Napster), and it’s great music for top-down summertime cruising. Not surprising, considering Daize’s a two-time World Longboard Surfing Champion. I particularly enjoy three tracks: “Such A Mess“, “Crazy“, and “The Way I Do“. My parrot-eating cat seems to like her music too, judging by the meowing toward my speakers.
Oh, did I mention she’s a model, too? And guess where she’ll be performing later this month?
She’s 24 (unless I miss my guess), she’s beautiful, she’s a singer, she’s a guitarist, she’s athletic, and she’s conservative. Why, oh why must I live in Cleveland? Daize’ll surf Lake Erie right after Hell freezes over. Such is life.
Go buy her album. You’ll thank me.
Hey, Kevin … whaddaya think?


  1. Sheila Colbenson

    Daize was terrible on Hannity and Coombs tonight. It was embarrassing that she didn’t endorse President Bush. I went to her web page, she can’t sing either. I can’t believe no one asked her if she even endorsed Bush. She sounded so uneducated. She obviously has spent alot of time at the beach versus reading the newspapers & books. Her political savvy was “nil.”
    Real bad publicity for her.

  2. Puddle Pirate

    She was on H & C? I missed the show. But it sounds like I didn’t miss much, so maybe it’s for the best.
    I have to disagree with your opinion of her singing, though. I honestly liked the three tracks I mentioned above. She’s not a blindingly brilliant vocal talent, but she’s good.
    As for lack of political savvy, I’d say that’s a good thing in a celebrity. Would that the vocal lefty musicians lacked political “savvy” and had common sense instead. Then maybe they too would just shut up and sing.