Cleveland Plain Dealer ignores Kerry’s lies

My home state, Ohio, is a critical battleground state for this presidential election. Cleveland is Ohio’s biggest media market (TV, radio, newspaper). The Cleveland Plain Dealer is the only newspaper in this city, and it routinely leans leftward. I doubt that the intrepid PD editors have missed the discovery of John Kerry’s war-stories-that-never-happened.
Yet between August 4th (when the release of the ad by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth reached the news) and August 15th, here’s what the PD has had to say about John Kerry, tracked by number of mentions:

  • “John Kerry”: 27
  • “John Kerry” and “Cambodia”: 0
  • “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth”: 0
  • “anti” and “John Kerry” : 1
    (and this one doesn’t refer to the ad from Swift Boat Veterans for Truth)
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Nice work, guys. In John Kerry’s Navy, this would be called “dereliction of duty.”
Kevin O’Brien, where are you?

UPDATE: As to mentions of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, I stand somewhat corrected. The PD published one AP story on August 6th, which mentions the ad as follows …

Disputing that vow was a group of Vietnam veterans who unveiled a television ad challenging Kerry’s medal-winning service in the war. Another veteran, Republican Sen. John McCain, put the president on the spot by urging the White House to condemn the “dishonest and dishonorable” commercial. The Arizona lawmaker, in working for the president’s re-election, has campaigned with both Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.
Bush’s spokesman declined to condemn the ad, taking a slap instead at McCain and his fight for campaign finance reform.

Kerry frequently suggests that a wartime president needs war experience, but the remark carried extra weight Thursday as a group of fellow veterans questioned his combat credentials.
“When the chips were down, you could not count on John Kerry,” says Larry Thurlow, one of several veterans who criticizes Kerry in a new 60-second ad.
Thurlow didn’t serve on Kerry’s swiftboat, but says he witnessed the events that led to Kerry winning a Bronze Star and the last of his three Purple Hearts. Kerry’s crewmates support the candidate and call him a hero.

No mention of “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth”, but the ad has technically been mentioned in a veiled reference in a single wire story. Hardly impressive.
Meanwhile, Kerry’s “Christmas in Cambodia” lie and his “magic hat” story are still missing. It’s still dereliction of journalistic duty.

UPDATE: More here.