Moving in … pardon the dust

I just got settled in at this new address. Blogging will be light while I troubleshoot. Pre-emptive apologies to all.

  1. Ah, hell, Pirate, don’t even warn ’em. The only ones too stupid to understand the difference between free speech and private property… are probably barking moonbats, anyway!
    Nice new digs! Finally eat enough bandwidth that your shipmates tossed you/you needed to move?
    And yer a lawyer? Good thing I didn’t know that before… I won’t automatically deduct the 10 charisma points… 8^D

  2. I’ve been lobotomized, yes. It’s a standard follow-up to graduating from law school. Once I pass the bar, they’ll take my soul too.
    Yeah, my bandwidth was cramping the class site, so I kicked this blog out of the nest. We’ll soon see if it flies or goes “thud.”

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