Lileks eviscerates Michael Moore

Here’s a tease:

Believing in Bush�s perfidy gives some people the same comfort and emotional nourishment others get from believing in Jesus. It validates them, cements their view of the world � venal, conspiratorial, run by capering chimps who are somehow ten times less intelligent than Usenet posters but somehow able to yank strings on a global scale. A commenter on a Fark thread called Bush �The Unelected Murder Monkey,� for heaven�s sake. Not all the opponents are unhinged, of course. Of course. There are many levels of opposition, from the serene and reasonable to the char-broiled nutburgers who haunt the comments sections of my favorite blogs. Or my favorite talk shows. Today I heard a caller describe how �Fahrenheit 9/11� affected him; now he believed that the Bush administration attacked the Taliban and Iraq because the Saudis wanted it. The host pointed out that the Saudis didn�t want it. The caller said �well, that�s your opinion.� Movies are facts, you see. Facts are just opinions.

[quoting Michael Moore]
For too long now we have abandoned our flag to those who see it as a symbol of war and dominance, as a way to crush dissent at home. Flags are flying from the back of SUVs, rising high above car dealerships, plastering the windows of businesses and adorning paper bags from fast-food restaurants. But these flags are intended to send a message: “You’re either with us or you’re against us,” “Bring it on!” or “Watch what you say, watch what you do.”
I knew a paranoid schizophrenic once. He believed that the New York Times was sending him personal messages through its front-page headlines. He might also have believed that car-dealership flags were telling him to watch what he said.

ManateeThese so-called patriots hold the flag tightly in their grip and, in a threatening pose, demand that no one ask questions. Those who speak out find themselves shunned at work, harassed at school, booed off Oscar stages. The flag has become a muzzle, a piece of cloth stuffed into the mouths of those who dare to ask questions.
Or draped backwards on the broad trunk of brave dissenters who manage to schedule in a photo shoot before they�re carted off to the lime pits. You know, this is just so old. So tired. It would be old and tired if it ran in a high school newspaper. Shunned at work? Oh, I can�t tell you the number of times around the newspaper office I�ve been told to avoid someone because he was critical of the Shrub Regime. Harassed at school? I�ve heard of such things, yes.

Read it and bask in the warmth.

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  1. Michael Moore portrays the United States and it’s citizens as a large group of bully’s. He seems to think that the way of life in our great country is wrong, yet if you notice, he is making millions of dollars off his own form of propaganda. Hey Michael, if you are reading this, tell me what your opinion is on ethnic cleansing or genocide? Why don’t you show that side of the story? You do know that is going on in the world don’t you? (Bosnia, Iraq, Africa) Will it not sell enough for you? There are real problems in a real world and here you are making a mockery of it. Bush may be wrong is somethings, but no leader of any country can make every decision correctly. You picture our flag as something used to bully others. I picture our flag as a symbol of democracy, freedom, and hope for the rest of the world. This is a flag that was there through two world wars, I suppose you think we were wrong then also. I bet you would be saying that Hitler wasn’t a bad guy and we should have minded our own business. I bet you would have ignored Pearl Harbor because you couldn’t have made money off of it by saying that our president then had his own agenda. There is a message being sent by you. It is that lame idiots will try to make money off any issue. If you don’t like the message that our flag is sending then go somewhere else. Oh,, Wait,, that wouldn’t work,, because if you went anywhere else other than to the cowards of France, you would be shot and killed the first time you opened your mouth about their flag or their government. Mr Moore,, You’re not French are you? I mean if you were that would at least explain your sniveling attitude,, We could get you a sign that says “I am only in this for myself” on the front and “Piece if crap coward” on the back. That way people would at least know what you were really about. Isn’t America great, Mr Moore, you get to make money off of freedom and I get to voice my opinion about how stupid you are. My writing may not make a lot of money, but at least I can hold my head up and be proud of this great country and all the troops and families that are sacrificing for the very freedom that you are abusing.

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