Senate to vote on gay “marriage”

Marriage: One Man, One WomanIn her essay More Than a “Lifestyle Choice”, Jennifer Marshall notes that the Senate is finally getting around to addressing gay “marriage” by voting on the Federal Marriage Amendment.
Now if only my two Senators, Mike Dewine and George Voinovich, would get off their noncommittal butts and vote “yes” on S.J.RES.30. I’ll be in touch, fellas.

  1. Thanks for taking a strong stand on family and marriage. One of my senators, George Allen, recently signed on to support FMA … finally. Apparently he got the message from his constituents. Senator Warner won’t reply to my letters. I ain’t giving up. The strength of marriages and families are too important to quit now.

  2. Thanks, Jeff. Incidentally, “The Voyage of The Dawn Treader” is my favorite of all the Chronicles of Narnia. I also noticed your link to Stand To Reason, one of my favorite organizations of all time. I heartily approve.

  3. This country was founded on freedom, and one’s sexual orientation should have nothing to do with whether or not they can be married. I believe that you can disagree with the issue, but the foundation for your beliefs is most likely religion, and church and state should be kept separate. A law banning gay marriage violates that separation that is so integral to our country and our constitution.

  4. Tell me, Erica, what restrictions (if any) do you think should be placed on marriage?
    Further, since you value the separation of church and state so highly, kindly explain to me how the government can restrict anything if some religious group somewhere happens to agree with the restriction? After all, the government would then be advancing that religious agenda, wouldn’t it?

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