1. I have been wondering what’s been going on with Pvt. Maupin ever since the story broke about his capture. Why do we continue to see stories on the news every night about the Iraq prison scandal while this poor kid is in enemy hands? My heart and soul go out to “Matt” and his family. Why is it that a nice young man like this is killed and we do nothing about it? When are we going to fight like Americans again and stop putzing around?

  2. I am so angry. I pray he is still alive, but if not I pray we find these thugs and fry them in the hottest place we can find. There is nothing religious about these pigs.

  3. Well said Janeen! My thoughts go out to the Maupin family, there is not a day I don’t think about their pain. Am still hoping that the person on the video is not Matt but it’s tough when there is no news coming out from the Army. And on CNN there is nothing but Saddam. What a world!

  4. God Speed Matt.

  5. I’ve met Matt…and although I didn’t really get to know him it was obvious how warm of a person he is. I truly hope that some miracle occurs and the tape really wasn’t of him, and that he can return home safely. Keep him in your thoughts everyone…he deserves it.

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