Corporal Wassef Ali Hassoun, USMC, captured by terrorists

According to emerging reports, a U.S. Marine has been captured by terrorists in Iraq. His name is Wassef Ali Hassoun.

Arab television broadcast videotape Sunday of two men of Pakistani origin taken hostage by militants: a driver for an American company and a blindfolded man in military fatigues described as U.S. Marine lured from his base. Insurgents threatened to behead them both.

Corporal Ali
Al-Jazeera said the militants demanded the release of all Iraqis “in occupation jails” or the man would be killed. The group claimed it infiltrated a Marine outpost, lured the man outside and abducted him.

Earlier Sunday, the Pakistani driver was shown on a tape broadcast by a different Arab television station, Al-Arabiya. … Four masked men holding assault rifles across their chests said they would behead the Pakistani within three days unless Americans freed prisoners held at Abu Ghraib and three cities of central Iraq — Balad, Dujail and Samarra.

The [civilian] hostage, who gave his name as Amjad, urged Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf to close the Pakistani Embassy in Iraq and to ban Pakistanis from coming to Iraq.
“I’m also Muslim, but despite this they didn’t release me,” he said, bowing his head. “They are going to cut the head of any person regardless of whether he is a Muslim or not.”

Haven’t these Islamofascist goons heard of the concept of “no worse enemy“? If that Marine turns up dead, which is pretty likely given recent beheadings in the Middle East, those bastards are going to get an e-ticket straight to Hell, courtesy of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children.


Pray for Corporal Hassoun, and for the Pakistani man the goons grabbed. I suggest asking God to arrange for some good intel to end up in the hands of Delta Force, DEVGRU, or the SAS.
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UPDATE: The U.S. military confirms that a Marine has been missing from his unit for a week.

UPDATE 2: They’ve murdered him.

UPDATE 3: … or maybe not.

UPDATE 4: OK, now almost certainly not murdered. Perhaps even free and coming home?

  1. Terrorists Claim They Have a Marine Hostage

    Reuters: An Iraqi Islamist militant group has kidnapped what it said was a U.S. Marine and is threatening to behead him unless Iraqi prisoners are freed, Al Jazeera television reported Sunday. Jazeera said the group called itself the Islamic Response…

  2. Marine Kidnapped?

    Aljazeera, CNN, and FoxNews are all reporting that an terrorist group in Iraq has kidnapped a Pakistani and supposedly a US Marine. USCENTCOM and the Pentagon have neither confirmed nor denied the kidnapping of a US Marine in Iraq….

  3. They’re really gonna do the military like this…?

    Captive US marine faces execution in IraqAl Jazeera – Jun. 28, 2004A US marine captured by a purported Iraqi resistance group is to be decapitated unless certain prisoners held in occupation prisons are released. In a video broadcast by Aljazeera

  4. It was stated appropriately above. These people are making a mistake by trying to use a United States Marine to obtain their cause. If they kill this man, all they are going to do is bring the wrath of the United States Marines down on them. At this time, Marines are trying to be peacekeepers. If this man is killed by terrorists in a hostage situation, then the Iraqi people will have to be prepared for what is to follow. Marine Commanders are given general guidelines, not specific, to follow in combat situations. The details of most combat situations are the responsibility of each company, platoon, or Squad leader. No one in their right mind would want this group of people hunting them. These guys don’t stop. They don’t leave anyone behind. They never retreat. They will fight to the last man and they always find a way to accomplish their mission. You, as a reader of this forum, might think that I am just propping these guys up, but I am not. I know of the tenacity of United States Marines. I know of the never quit attitude. Terrorist behead people,, They think that this will weaken our resolve, They think wrongly. They are showing more and more of the world that they are evil vile creatures. They are also showing the world they are not very intelligent. So,, terrorists, remember that, often;
    “when you ask for something you get it”
    In this case, you are asking for the Marines,,
    Is that what you really want?
    its your choice??

  5. It is a huge mistake for these terrorist to think they will actually make us run out of Iraq with these acts. I feel that they thought we would cower in fear forever after 9/11, but instead we went to war. By them taking a Marine with the pride that the USMC members have, they are asking really asking for it. I just hope they find these guys and destroy them.

  6. There never has been a group of individuals with a more fierce sense of indebtedness to one another than the United States Marines. These proud individuals have forged a bond born of the blood of those that have gone before them. I myself am a formerly active duty Marine, having left the corps 10 years ago I have never forgotten our creedo, “we take care of our own”. Corporal Wassef Ali Hassoun, know that your brothers in arms will not make exception because you are Muslim or that you have an Arabic surname. Semper Fidelis is much more than a slogan or words on a bumper sticker, it means we will be there for you, and the bastards that don’t recognize this will pay for their deeds.

  7. To The World and the Family Of Mr Hassoun,
    I send my prayers and thought to your,family and Mr Wassef Hassoun I can’t image what he is going through.
    What the hell is going on over there. It really is sad that one human can do this (kill and Behead) another human. I don’t care who you are, no one deserves that. What the hell are they thinking. we aren’t grabbing them and killing and beheading them, but we need to find these men and sentence them to death I agree with the last posting I read, if in fact that these ASSHOLES manage to go through with their request, each and everyone is going to hell. They have no humanity over there and like they say, What going around, comes around. Why don’t the ASSHOLES show their faces, bunch of chicken shits. I live here right here in Utah and when it hits home, IT HITS HOME. Lets all do the Hassoun family a favor and turn everything off for 5 minutes and say a Prayer for Mr. Wassef Hassoun for his safe return.
    One thing we do have to remember that the three Turkens’ that we’re captured have been released. Let’s hope for the same out come for Wassef.
    My love and thoughts Always

  8. i agree with what everyone is saying i to hope and pray for the safe return for the captured, i am really surprised that no one has done anymore about the terrorist over there or they have and i have not been paying attention, i know that it is a big country but someone please drop the a-bomb.

  9. People have completely forgotten GOD and His ten commandments! He gave us the freedom to choose and too many people are choosing the ways of Satan! God bless and help us all!


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