Quagmire? Please.

Last week, I linked to Australian blogger Arthur Chrenkoff’s round-up of good news from Iraq. Guess what? He’s at it again.

You’ve seen the first installment — now prepare for the sequel. Because guess what? There’s more good news from Iraq that every day slips under the radar or gets lost among all the bad publicity. So, after the phenomenal response to the first “Good news from Iraq”, and back by popular demand, here’s more good news from Iraq that you might have missed while reading about prisoner abuse, Chalabi, prisoner abuse, Chalabi, al Sadr, prisoner abuse, bombed out wedding, Chalabi and prisoner abuse.

I hope this becomes a regular feature of his blog.

  1. Wonderful. Since when did fab-five considerations trump our soldier’s safety in deciding what they’d wear? I mean, we aren’t making fashion choices, here; we’re making a crucial decision on how to save people’s lives!
    I’d propose a rule: Anyone who proposes this kind of uniform must wear a fuschia-and-neon version of it, and serve in a combat zone in Iraq. Natural selection, see?

  2. I take it you’re referring to another post.

  3. You Say Quagmire, I Say Stagmire

    Brain Shavings: Killing more grey cells daily than most lefties were born with. Was scrolling through the Commons yesterday, saw new author Nathan Hale reference Brain Shavings. Good site, I think I’ll start checking him out. Blogrolled to the right….

  4. Oh, right. Good point. Carry on.

  5. Thanks for reading. 🙂 Cheers.

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