Nick Berg video: a wake-up call

As news of Nick Berg’s horrifying decapitation by Islamists reaches more and more Americans, I detect a shift in attitude. Radio commentators like Rush Limbaugh, Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager, Sean Hannity, and others have been quietly irate today, and their callers are voicing fury at the entire Middle East. Newspapers are joining the call. For the first time in my memory, ordinary people are mentioning nuclear weapons as a possible response to the Islamist cancer infecting the world … and they’re not throwing in many caveats about protecting civilians and avoiding collateral damage.
That’s sobering.
I don’t think for a minute that President Bush is anywhere near considering the use of nukes in this war, thank God. But I think America is getting her back up again, with a seriousness not seen since 9/11. Average Americans have just seen an innocent countryman get his head sawed off by hooded Islamist goons, despite our media’s reluctance to show any footage that paints Islam in an unflattering light. Combine that with our media’s eagerness to splash pictures of the abuses at Abu Ghraib committed by a small segment of our soldiers, and the Democrats’ and leftists’ grandstanding accusations about our moral shortcomings being equivalent to the enemy’s calculated evil … well, the average American is quickly getting fed up.
Fed up with our delay in finishing this fight.
Americans are awake again. We’re again reminded of who we’re fighting and why, and we’re again getting a grip on what’s at stake. Lileks sums it up nicely:

Hugh Hewitt asked the big question tonight: of the world’s billion-plus Muslims, how many support the butchers who hacked the head off the Pennsylvania contractor? One percent? Ten? Either number stands for a lot of people. I was walking Jasper Dog while listening to the show, and a few thoughts popped up.
There are five reactions one could have to such acts, committed by a coreligionist: Endorsement, Indifference, Denial, Rejection, Participation.
Denial: I’m sure you’ve heard this before: “Islam is a religion of peace.” But those people committed horrible violence in the name of Islam. “Then they are not true Muslims. No Muslim could do this.” Rinse, repeat. It’s the theological equivalent of putting your hands over your ears and humming loudly.
Rejection: This would be speaking out singly or in concert with fellow Muslims, denouncing the acts without making the entire peroration an elaborate plinth on which to place the word “BUT.”
Indifference: I’m a Muslim in Indonesia. I work in a bank. I’m not particularly devout. I like a beer on a hot day, and you know what? They’re all hot days. Some guys slit someone’s throat in Iraq. I think that’s wrong and I think that’s stupid. And what do you expect me to do about it?
Endorsement: I’m not sure what constitutes endorsement — silent pleasure among others not of the faith, chortling delight when you’re with friends. Or perhaps nothing more than thanking Allah when you hear certain things have been done in Allah’s name, and never acting or speaking a way that supports the jihadist’s cause.
Participation. It’s obvious what this means.
Here’s the crux: of these five aspects, four assist the jihadists in one form or another, and the fifth — Rejection — all too often takes a passive form. Hugh had a Somali Muslim on his show from Minneapolis; they spoke for almost 40 minutes, and the guy’s heart was in the right place. He sounded like a decent fellow. He said the Imam of his mosque regularly preached against the nutball Islamists. One hundred million more like him, please. But where are the rallies and marches outside the Saudi embassies demanding an end to funding extremism?

The Islamists have made a terrible mistake. They’ve again begun to unite us in revulsion for their savage and primitive aims, and they’ve underestimated the West’s will to respond with terrifying violence. Some on the other side are beginning to realize they’ve overreached, but I’m starting to think it’s too late to extinguish our anger.
The Islamists stuck their necks out by gambling on our reputation for self-restraint, and it’s high time we decapitate them.

UPDATE: For information on the beheading of Paul Johnson … click.

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  2. They didn’t just kill him. They posed him, filmed him, decapitated him and uploaded the footage knowing we’d all see it within twenty-four hours. They sawed off Nick Berg’s head and held it in front of a camera. It wasn’t just an execution, it was a statement. A man’s severed head was used as a prop. Somehow that made it worse for me when, acting against my own better judgment, I decided to watch the unedited video online.
    The tension as the five men stood behind Berg was difficult to bear, knowing how horribly the vignette would end. Seeing him thrown down and brutalized was even more difficult. The plaintive screams, the pool of blood, the sawing across his neck and the ongoing chanting in the background revulsed me in a way I cannot explain. The one thing that stays with me the most, however, was seeing his lifeless head held in front of the camera and then to see it placed, I believe, on his corpse as the camera continued to roll. There was something unspeakably grotesque and unfathomably sad about his head being used to make a political argument.
    Nick Berg’s mutiliation and death continues to be used to make points, and that’s what distresses me this morning. We are better than the murderous terrorists who executed the decapitation and I would never argue otherwise. But when it comes to holding that severed head in front of the camera, leaders and pundits are nearly as guilty as those who killed Nick Berg.
    Yesterday I feared Nick Berg’s murder would be trotted out as a reason to back the war on terror. I feared it would be used by others as a reason to reject the war. I worried it would be used to downplay the sadistic actions of Lynndie England and the other guards at Abu Ghraib and to attack those who sought to uncover that scandal. I worried Berg’s murder would be held up as an example of what happens when you abuse prisoners. I thought we’d see a prizeless contest develop among analysts, pundits and politicians to see who could offer the most sincere condolences combined with most strongly expressed anger at the perpetrators of the killing.
    I saw a group of incredibly evil men use a severed head in hopes of pushing their agenda. Now I see Americans doing the same thing. This morning I have read editorials and statements explaining that Nick Berg’s legacy will be to strengthen our resolve for the war on terror–his demise reminds us of why we must fight. I have read others who tell me Nick Berg’s death is symbolic of all the reasons the war on terror is doomed and how our currently policy merely encourages needless bloodshed. Articles claim Berg’s killing shows us how little merit there is in attacks on U.S. treatment of prisoners. I’ve read more than one person explaining that the errors we made in Abu Ghraib killed Nick Berg and will kill others. Letters of condolence, jammed pack with rhetoric carefully designed to push agendas proliferates.
    It’s not surprising. News events create opportunities to promote agendas. The sum of those events are the evidence from which arguments regarding policy are constructed. Exploitation of particular singular incidents as jumping off points for larger generalizations, although guaranteed to maximize exposure and attention, often find themselves shakily supported.
    It’s surely hard to resist the urge to seize upon the “big story” when one wants to advance their position. I know everyone with an opinion wants to take Nick Berg’s death and explain how it fits their worldview and how it makes the truth of their point clear. We are captivated by the cruelty, gore, and sadness. The audience is willing to hear how Nick Berg’s murder proves one side right and another wrong. The opportunity to make political gain through his murder is there.
    Taking advantage of that opportunity, however, is just what I do not need. I do not think it what others need, either. I’m not interested in seeing Nick Berg’s head held up as a reason to stop the war, escalate the war, or anything else. When I watched that video, I was overcome by a profound sadness and feeling of helplessness. We have a war in Iraq that’s contentious. We have prisoner scandals, rebel fighting, dead contractors, executions, occupation strategies, rebuilding problems, progress, setbacks, and more. It is all part of a larger puzzle that includes the World Trade Center, the U.S.S. Cole, the Munich Olympics, Quadaffi, culture wars, religious history and so many other things that trying to ingest it all seems almost impossible. Nick Berg’s bloody decapitation does not clarify or crystallize the issues easily. To claim it does is to be the worst kind of exploiter. The kind of exploiter who waves a lifeless head in front of a camcorder.
    If you are part of the print media, radio, television or the internet, I ask you not to use Nick Berg’s death as “proof” for the correctness of your position. If you are a politician, aide, analyst or spokesperson, I ask you to forget we are in the middle of an election year and to remember that one is not required to reduce every event to a partisan talking point.
    Nick Berg is dead. I saw them kill him on the internet. That gruesome scene didn’t clarify, it didn’t vindicate a position. It showed a murder and made me think about things like freedom, evil and war in a very human way. Perhaps it’s possible to know about what happened, to see what happened, to let it have its profound personal impact and to move to looking for ways to create a world in which we will not have to see more heads dangled in front of cameras–literally or figuratively.

  3. Personally, I’m quite disgusted and sickened at what I saw, the pictures of US and Brittish soldiers torturing Iraqi soldiers disurbed me sumwhat, but this rally takes the biscuit, cuttin off a mans head and waving it around as if hes a doll, truely sickening, the only way i can see this ending is by Bush and Blair bombing the f*ck out of the Islamic countries, and at the moment, if they did, they’d sure as hell get my vote

  4. I’m an Englishman and when i saw the murder of Nick Burg i was sent it by a friend, what sickens me is the fact that these ‘people’ can cut off someones head and show it to everyone by putting it on video and waving it around for what exactly? To prove a point? what points do they have to prove? wow five men killing someone in ski masks, i think if they are ever found the same thing should happen to them and i know it makes me sound as bad as them but they should get to know how Nick Burg felt and maybe they will feel sorry when they die a slow and painful death

  5. I could reffer to Nick Berg’s death are REVENGE.
    The way the americans treated the iraqi soldiers were far worst. Furthermore they raped girls and women, abused young boys, killed iraqi people and tortured prisoners like animals.
    Nick Berg is one person we are talking about. Iraq is a country and all those poor people are suffering at the hands of the americans.
    American is a ‘bully’. They took over iraq for NO REASON! and now they are torturing the poor people. We thought american was going to bring back indepence to iraq and make the country better. Is this what americans call better????????????????
    Its sick and revolting what the americans did and now you expect the world to feel sorry for ONE person. Yes his death was disturbing but not as sick and revolting as the suffering the iraqi’s went throught.
    I hope iraq gains independence one day – not under the rule of the americans!

  6. As muslims my family & I heavily deny this barbarian act that was done to an innocent man.

  7. Thank you, Sal.
    The goofball posting as “The Truth” needs to get a clue about the facts of the war in Iraq.

  8. You are Sick!
    You americans never learn a thing….
    Haven’t you seen the ‘tit for tat’ with the PLO and the evil terrorist of Sharon?
    “Decapitate them” you say?
    Well, try it – and then maybe years down the road, you can count more planes crashing in to more buildings in this country….
    Get a clue!!!
    I agree with the one comment you said: “Wake UP America” – but not nearly in the way that you mean.
    America is the bully!
    Nick Berg was the STUPID fool!
    (Why the heck he was in IRAQ – of all places, when the entire world hates USA – let me guess, Berg was knocking door to door, looking for work? in Iraq? Let me guess, wearing an american flag on his t shirt? Right? As if subliminally saying: “Hey – come get me – im the easiest target there is”!)
    God, this guy Berg so apparently, had no brains to start out with!
    I know the economy in USA is awful, but ill be damned if i go to IRAQ looking for work, like STUPID BERG did!
    BERG..was a FOOL!!!
    How dare anyone with brains ..defend this guy?

  9. Im an Englishman and havent learnt alot about this but i have read up and watched the video and i know my fair share:
    If you had any brains at all Tom you would knw that Berg was in Iraq because of work look …. “The 26-year-old Mr Berg, who owned a communications equipment company, was involved in rebuilding antennas in Iraq before he disappeared on 9 April.” he wasnt there knocking on doors asking fr work he was sent there, why the hell are you Blaming him for this?
    If anyone he is the ONLY innocent party…and if you are blaming him you obviously havent seen the video of it that will makew you feel sorry for him, hwo was it his fault!?!?

  10. TOM:
    I hope you’re not an American. If you are, I’ll gladly help you relocate.
    The time to play good-guy hippie tree-huggin shameful anti-war liberal pussy activist is over. We committed to a war against terrorism when they gave us a mass grave in NYC. And these faggots fight dirty. They hide amongst civilians, they hide behind masks, they hide in caves, and they hide bombs on young boys. So when we go over there and announce on behalf of the free world that this will not be tolerated, we become the bad guy? We are the bully right? Come on, bully is such a simple used up word. Can’t you come up with anything that’s more descriptive. Grade school playgrounds have bullies. We need to be persistent exterminators exercising our power with consistency to overcome their psychotic and religiously disguised murdering tantrems. This war on global terrorism has three outcomes: 1) We enter into a circle of back-and-forth killing, which becomes a meaningless perpetual cycle (kinda like what Israel is trapped in), 2) We give up and just hope that they all start playing nice with the rest of the world and prepare a huge quilt for the global love-in, or 3) We make an offensive stand and systematically eleminate them at all costs! Because you know what – it’s either us or them. And I’d bet if the bullets and bombs started flying in your backyard, you’d change your attitude pretty quick. Or maybe you wouldn’t – no, you’d probably be dead, trampled like a panzy underfoot. But at least you would not have become one of “those Americans” right?

  11. bomb them all into the stone age . oh yea they still are in the stone age. gloves got to come off .i say kill every breathin [expletive deleted] in to ali hands. before we start our own war here starting with those sand subhuman things at all the universities suckin up a free ride on my expense.if bush doesnt do the job soon you will find more of american freedom fighters killin iraqi terrorist.and were better than they at killin.sein fein.ect money talks and iraqi will die!!!!!!!
    one by one if we have to.if u are in my country u better leave it cus were coming to get u all.
    and we will show them who is more dedicated to dieing for our cause. u think u are the only ones willing to die for their country. u are mistakin.
    see u all on the otherside
    weve got tons of cash too.there will be 10000 deaths to revenge one nick berg. gi joe civillian

  12. I have been reading all these comments about the beheading and I don’t know how anyone could think that Nick Berg deserved what he got. He was just doing a job over there. I watched the video and I couldn’t stop sobbing, and thinking about his family and what they must be going through. You have to be a real jackass to think he had this coming. I tell you what, we should round up all the people who think Nick deserved this and do the same thing to them. I know that here in the US we value human life, but the people in the Middle East do not. They will gladly die for their religion. I know that dropping nukes is not the answer, but as I watched the video I was all for it. I often think back to 9-11 and remeber that all of America came together and did what we had to do to try and put our lives back together. No one deserves to die in the way Nick did or the people that died on 9-11.

  13. I forgot one thing. This comment is to “The Truth” and Tom, I think you are by far the biggest F**King idiots. I think we should ship both of you over there and let them do the same thing to you.

  14. will somebody please tell me where i can view the nick berg video? please email me, oh and by the way, who the hell do you (the truth and tom) think you are? nick berg was in iraq to help the people and you say he deserved what he got and that he is a fool, i just got back from iraq, and to get back and here those kind of remarks doesnt set well with me, you two are the damn fools, i am a supporter of operation iraqi freedom and the bush administration, the only way the iraqis will gain their independence is through american rule, bush is getting my vote regardless of the outcome of all this, but i still believe we need to kill everyone of them to avenge nick berg’s and all the other americans that have gave their lives for this campaign, war is a terrible thing, but the state of mind that believes that america is not worth fighting for is much worse, you cant question the manner in which our military provides you freedom, if we wouldnt have went into iraq and afganistan there would be alot more famous days besides 9/11, i was planning on just posting my question, but i had to respond to those two idiots and their statements, so anybody than can help me with finding the video, please do

  15. To find the video, follow the links on this page.
    A warning: if you commenters get into the habit of using obscenities and vile racist terms on my blog, you will be banned.

  16. Tom and The Truth are IGNORANT! They’re just spuing to get a reaction. Forgive them… they know not what they say. I say they are ignorant in the literal meaning of the word, not as a demeanor. People are a product of environment. You only know what you are exposed to. Perseption is what shapes a persons beliefs. Simple minds are weak and are easily manipulated, therefore becoming dangerous either to themselves or others around them. Only by them knowing what’s good and what’s evil will they ever become to know PEACE!

  17. The idiot writing “the truth” needs to realize that getting your head sawed off is one hell of a lot different than having panties on your head. I would definitly choose humiliation over execution. Lest we forget that the prisoners that were “tortured” were the some of the most evil men in that jail, and would slaughter each one of us if they had the chance. Look at the pictures of the charred American bodies and the children smiling and poking them with sticks, and the people jumping from the world trade centers to avoid being burned alive, then tell me that we are the bullys!!! OPEN YOUR EYES YOU FOOL!!! Why the F**K don’t you move to Iraq and try to fight for their cause and pretty soon we’ll be getting a video of your slaughter and then we can all say how stupid you were!

  18. first of all I hope “the truth” reads this because it seems to me he’s in the wrong country. It’s so funny how some Americans have so many bad things to say about how the U.S. treats everyone else. You see, America was built on having the freedom to say things like this bozo has said. The problem is, some Americans seem to think that all of this freedom came for free. Trust me, there are people throughout history who have given their lives so that our country can have people like you. It’s a shame. You probably haven’t the first clue what hard work, determination, and getting the job done means. I, for one, am in the Army. My husband is fighting as I am writing. You should be ashamed of yourself. You have not the first clue what these soldiers go through every day. You want to say stuff about a few American soldiers who made a bad decision. Do you think that all soldiers are like that? Because if you do, you’re sadly mistaken. I know four soldiers who died in one day at the hands of a couple of Iraqi’s who had a few rockets and decided to use them. I was here when their wives had to bury them. The abuse of these Iraqi prisoners were the excuse that these terrorists were waiting for. They tried to make it look like it was the Americans fault. Appearantly they did a good job because you believe them. I have seen what soldiers have to go through. Our soldiers are giving the Iraqi’s clothes to wear, food to eat, but can’t shoot at them unless they are taking fire, which seems kind of late. But we should all feel sorry for the Iraqi’s huh. Especially the ones who have been inprisoned, try to over run the American troops because they know that they can’t shoot them. You haven’t the first clue about what the real mission is. It really saddens me that you probably never will. But my husband and my friends who are still living should get only good recognition because every one of them deserves it. They risk their lives, leave their families, and live in danger everyday so people like “the truth” here can talk about them like they are worthless. For everyone else, please pray for all of these soldiers and their safe return.

  19. JUSTIN:
    For the most part, I agree with you brother. But, I think that a lot of us are looking at this with the wrong goal in mind. What we DO NOT want to do here is getted sucked into the mad method of endless revenge killing (look at the IRA and the PLO, where has it gotten them really?). When we kill them, we need not to AVENGE the deaths of our fallen loved ones. Rather, we need to kill without emotional attachment (difficult but possible) and to simply kill ’em all before they destroy us. We need to kill them as an exterminator would spray for bugs, then at the end of the day go home and sleep peacefully knowing tomorrow the pests will be gone. Sure, they may come back, but we do the same thing again. It is just a job that has to be done, and it is also a part of survival. Those pests want to live just as much as you and I. Do we deserve to live any more than they do? Well that’s a whole other debate. This is the struggle we face though. For the most part we can all agree that militarily, the terrorist network is no match for us, so long as we can find them. However, what they want to do is fill us with hate and turmoil to help them justify and perpetuate their cause. If we fall prey to our own wrath and let our emotions control our actions instead of using logic and persistence, then we are helping the enemy. When we look at eliminating our enemies as a kind of puzzle, then we apply all of our resources and stay focused and objective about it, I believe we can become victorious. My intention was not to jump on anyone here, but simply to say hey, I think we need to be careful in how we proceed from here.

  20. I personally haven’t seen the video, and I actually can’t up link it. The happenings in the past few days with this incident is getting way out of hand. There is no real reason why the American soliders are even over in the Middle East. They are there because of a one countries greed and our young men and women are dying because of it. It is becoming beyond uneccessary for the apperances of the United States Armed Forces. When the 9/11 attacks were placed on the U.S. please believe , the muslims were not in a hurry to come to the U.S. and help us rebuild the WTC or The Pentagon. As usual the U.S. are in the middle of a situation they have no business being in and they can’t even take care of the problems within it’s own country. Greed is going to destroy our own country within itself. Thank you for letting me voice my opinion.
    [Links added by Puddle Pirate]

  21. this is for the truth and tom: i can hardly believe what i was reading what you two jerks posted. at first i thought that maybe you two fools were doing that to get everyone’s dander up, but then thought better. you two have no respect for america or americans. after 9/11 and what happened to daniel pearle and nick berg, the us should be up in arms. i think we should go over there, take you two, and let them behead you and watch as the other gets whacked.

  22. I believe what Red said as well as the other true blooded Americans. Freedom is not free! These chicken Sh!ts want to blame all of America for the BS. in the middle East,the Israeli Palestinian conflict,the fact that their governments controls their people and keeps them living like sheep or let me say (pigs with trichinosis). There are literally millions of people that are not Jewish or Arab and have no involvment in their conflict. And yet these cowards attack innocent groups of Americans, disregarding the many various cultures that reside here. It seems that Arabs are bitting off more than they can chew. I have been hearing of a political movement that seems to be leaning towards a push for the dismigration of all Arabs, back to their country of origin. What do Arabs want?? Many Americans don’t know! Do they want respect for their culture, do they want us out of the middle east, like we want them out of America? Or is there a darker more sinester plan to try and convert the world to Islam.( WHICH WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!). I believe that all of this crap has roots that lead back to religon, and that they should round up ALL religous leaders, from the pope to the muslim cleriks,the rahbi etc. and quarentine all of them. It seems that humanity as a whole is battling various religous cancers. I do believe that everyone is intitled to worship whom they please but that we must retain the anti-enthnocentric attitude that has globally infested the hearts and souls of nearly every human being.
    AMERICA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Me is someone who has a very personal involvement in this as her comments have shown, but I wonder if she herself has thought about how the Iraqis feel? I mean truly feel. How would her reaction differ from from watching a few friends bury loved ones who came back from a war that is far away, to being invaded herself by an over-powerful nation that is out to “shock and awe” the world by showing its power in devastating her city and state? How many friends would she watch bury their family then? How many buildings would still be standing in her city? How would you get food? How would you find a job? How would she cope with loss of utilities for a year or so?
    How would you feel seeing your loved ones buried in mass graves, truly one of the most inhumane things to experience. And if you did nothing to deserve this invading overpowerful nation who was ruining your world, your life, your city, your country, your family, even if you yourself could not bring yourself to fight them in your hometown, would you not at least be sympathetic to those who did?
    The poor average Iraqi has had to survive Saddam, and a decade of American-led sanctions that had already devastated a lot of their lives long before this war started.
    My belief is until you have experienced an invasion and occupation by a military force in YOUR country and city, you should not try to pass judgement on how these people should act, react, and think. Seeing the American reaction to one Nick Berg is so sad, knowing that their myopic view of life allows them to ignore, or even worse to justify, the actions of their government and its armies to put us where we are today. Iraqis of today can tell you stories that make Nick Berg seem so insignificant.
    I sincerely hope and wish not 1 more life is lost anywhere, but I wish America would re-assess its society somewhat when it feels it needs to try and impeach a president for lying about a blow-job from a willing governmental aide, while ignoring a president who lied thru his teeth to put us and the entire world thru this totally unnecessary experience. To call this a war is just not right, as only one side is truly armed by todays standards. Im not saying I applaud the Iraqi reaction, but if you invaded my country and hometown I would do whatever I could to you and your country as well, no matter what kind of help you were telling everyone you were giving me. There are 2 reasons that I see for invading another country, that being if they invaded you, or threatened to invade you. These guys had no ability to be a threat to anyone anymore, especially after the decade of sanctions. Their reaction to the invasion is one of a desperate and frustrated people. This is truly a sad time in human development and world progression.

  24. Lets take a look…im a Mexican guy and I admit we depend on the U.S to live the way we are. But how come americans can treat people in Irak s****ing up on them, raping women, torturing prisioners with war dogs…People in Irak have feelings, and one of the most common feelings of human kind is REVENGE! Whatever we do to them they will do to us. Now how dumb con your soldiers be to be taking pictures and videos of the acts they make down there. I must admit myself that sometimes i do want to torture Sadaam Hussein and keep him alive and torture him again, but there isn’t any winning with that, take a look at the s*** that your country has, students killing each others @ school. Hell I must admit that in my country over half of the population is considered “poor”, but at least we still have our values and our families are very united. Where are all the weapons that your stupid president said? I’m not defendig the decapitation of this innocent man, but Jesus Christ, you want to fix others problems while your country is living in MANURE!!!

  25. Hmmmmm. What the heck are we doing? Why do the liberals want to stop our men from finishing this job? Our leader President Bush needs to finish this Job with out the whiny liberals mucking it all up. I�m sorry but being a lib is a cancer, it will take all that is good in you and deplete you until you are conquered. The facts are Facts. If you think letting them run all over us will make peace then you are sorely mistaken, and we will be defeated. I hope I�m not being to offensive but I�m not sure how else to state the truth. Please don�t be stupid, and think we are the only reason these people do this stuff… It will be your weakness…

  26. This is tough and is keeping me up all night, and I can’t even bring myself to view all of the video and endure audio. Nevertheless, we all need to take a deep breath, pause, and think carefully. One thing that is clear is that we are dealing with people who are capable of violent acts many of us could never contemplate. Second, there is deep hated. Third, religion seems to be used as a vehicle to foster the agenda. I’m not libeal, and I’m not advocating that you leave Iraq (that would arguably cause more harm than the current chaos), but a group of people that can do this type of thing can be overcome only after a great deal of time and effort– these people need education, to learn religious tolerance, and world views that are more aligned with the types of freedoms that most people in the world support. My biggest fear is that it will take 10 years of education and promotion of religious tolerance/freedom. Dropping bombs and continuing a cycle of violenc won’t do it– it’s going to take a patience and encouragement that is much more difficult. The biggest problem for all of us is going to be realizing that this is not going to be as easy as everyone hoped or believed.

  27. Jess,
    Would you have solved Hitler’s anger-management problems with ten years of education and promotion of religious tolerance/freedom?
    News flash: some people consciously choose to do evil. When they threaten to kill you and destroy your culture, the only logical response is to kill them first.

  28. The photos of the abuse of Iraqi prisoners has shocked and sickened the majority of people in the world. It has brought great shame on two great nations, that is Britain and the US, the majority of whose people are decent people who are also sickened by it. It doesnt matter if others do such practises. Americans went into Iraq supposedly to give the people freedom and democracy, by saying that they are better. These photos have shown that they are not better.
    To say that what happened to those men was not torure, or just a little thing, is seeking to minimize gross acts which are indefensible. The supposed purpose of their ordeal was to soften them up for interrogation, is that not what torture is? Torture can be both physical and psychological. In this case it was both. Some prisoners were beaten to death. Does not stripping naked a 12 year old girl and then beating her up for her brother to hear, whilst he is unable to defend her as he is imprisoned, is this not psychological torture? Is not making a 73 year old women go down on all fours, forcing her to say she is a donkey and then riding her, a gross inhumane act?
    Most of these people in that prison were not charged with anything, were mostly innocent people swept up in waves of arrests.
    It seems there are a lot of rednecks in the US army. who are so ignorant they do not even know that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.
    Even if people are guilty of whatever crimes, does that justify sexually assaulting them?
    You may have noticed that I said the majority of people are sickened by it. A teeny minority aren’t. That includes the trailer trash neighbours of Lindy England and certain people on this website. Those of you on this website who do not think this is any big deal, maybe someone should do this to you. But then you would probably enjoy it.
    Do you lot find such images something to joke about, or to justify or to minimize because the victims are muslims? After all, i guess you lot hate Islam, probably the abusers also did. I do not and will not be put on the defensive by people like you.
    So you think this war is about bringing democracy to Iraq, you poor deluded soul. This war is clearly about the US getting its hands on Iraq’s resources and controlling the region. Any one who falls for the bulls*hit coming out of Bush and Blairs mouths has clearly been brainwashed by propaganda.
    I think people, anyone who can make jokes at the sight of any inhumane treatment of any human being indeed put their humanity in a questionable light. And some people on this forum have been doing so.
    I saw the video of the beheading of that poor young man Nick Berg and it made me physically sick. I have been on an Islamic forum and almost everyone felt the same, no jokes, no justification, it was disgusting. There was one person who seemed to think it was Ok and I attacked them as furiously as I have attacked certain people on this website.
    Torture, cruelty, sexual assault of prisoners is haram in Islam. Because US soldiers do it, does not justify the brutal killing of Nick Berg. The perpertrators were motivated by hatred, not by Islam, and their associating the name of God with what they did is abhorrent. I pray that God punishes them not only in this life, but in the next as well,
    But I would very much like to know why he was wearing clothing the same as prisoners in Guatenamo Bay wore, and how after being detained by the FBI did he manage to fall into the hands of his murderers.
    Please comment
    I have posted the same message on another forum ‘american civilian beheaded in iraq’
    [Links added by Puddle Pirate]

  29. INDC Blog Roundup

    Right Moment grapples with newfound celebrity. (Pssst … watch out for the Blogger Groupies!) TC at the LeatherPenguin Blog has a theory about Air America’s business plan. Paulie at The Commons presents pretty convincing evidence that Kevin Drum has a…

  30. will someone please send me the websites of the
    nick berg execution??? please please please

  31. It is very wrong to mistreat prisoners in Irag. There must be some serious correction for it. But Americans do not mutilate body. It is just horrible and breaks my heart as a mom to see innocent young healthy man had to die in such horrible way. Cutting other human being’s head slowly, they are nothing but monsters devils.
    You would not even do to insects.
    America has to wake up.
    Instead of making more scandal out of prinsoner’s mistreatment, we have to come all together protect next innocent Nick Berg.
    He was an innocent scapegoat of ugly scandals.
    There should be no more scandal coverage because
    it would only intensity the hatred toward Americans/
    Deep sympathy for Berg family.
    Nick Berg, you are true hero, and I am really sorry that you had to face death in that way.
    You are wth God in peace where there is no war and hatred.

  32. All,
    I wish to express my condolences to the Berg family on this gruesome act commited by these hate-blinded terrorists.
    Living in Europe, we’ve seen our fair share of war and barbarism.
    My grandparents told me horrible stories too.
    To me it seems there is no end to the attrocities that one human being can put upon another:
    Nazi concentration camps wiping out jews, gays, gipsies and whoever was against Hitler.
    “Bomber Harris” destroyed all big German cities, not just with plain bombs, but with phosphor bombs that burnt everything and everybody living there.
    This is probably why most Europeans are puking their guts out if they are asked to join yet another war.
    Even if it comes from an old friend to whom we owe so much: the Americans.
    I can understand where the American anger comes from:
    I too was shocked in awe when I saw the twin-towers collapsing. Even from the other side of the Atlantic, I too could sence the -justified- American rage to what happened.
    However, with the military might of the US, I think caution is needed.
    As the most powerful nation on this planet, it seems unwise to me to go and bomb 2 third world countries, invade them, and break the litte infrastructure they have.
    Sure you will have the terrorists too, if you bomb entire cities and mountain areas. But isn’t that like killing a fly with a flamethrower?
    Wouldn’t it have been better to send in a small elite group of snipers or the SAS to find Osama and capture or kill him?
    (More like the Israeli Mossad style when they flew to Argentina in the 1970’s and kidnapped some high ranked former Nazi’s and brought them to justice.)
    Instead of invading Iraq, wouldn’t it have been better to support the “natural opposition” in Iraq against Sadam’s regime. (Like George Bush sr. originally did in the first Gulf war?)
    To me there are quite a few sinister aspect about 9/11 and the “war on terrorism”:
    If the purpose of the terrorists was to kill “as many Americans as possible” on 9/11, why did they not wait for another hour? The WTC-building was filling up for yet another busy day. Should the attacks happened one hour later, probably 10 times more Americans would have lost their lives.
    Why did a relatively small act, provoked to set in motion the world’s most formidable army on an ongoing campaign that’s been busy now for nearly 3 years? (Starting in Afghanistan, over to Iraq.)
    Surely a small targeted attack would have wiped out the terrorists too? If the CIA didn’t have the experience, why not ask the Israeli Mossad?
    I bet they have PLENTY of experience on how to bash some terrorist heads.
    Surely Israel would help the US, if for -just this once- the US asked them to do something for them. (Instead of the other way around as is usually the case.)
    Or is there something more going on?
    Did the US bring out the heavy guns because people like Rumsfeld are over their neck in stock of weapon manufacturing companies?
    Did the US invade Afghanistan after the Taliban refused to build an oilpipe that would benifit the US?
    Sure the Taliban was a disgusting regime that treated women less than dogs, but would you send out your army 11.000 miles to get a handful of terrorists?
    Think of your soldier’s risks & your taxpayer’s money. I’d go the “Mossad way”: sneaky but very efficient! And -above all- very cheap in all aspects.
    Iraq has proven to be another case of “excessive force”. I believe by now, even Tony Blair gets the picture that Iraq had little or none WMD. Sure they had plans, but then again so does every nut. Merely no reason to send in +/- 120.000 troups and material to fight a long war + pay for the rebuilding of the country.
    Unless those same people in the white house, decide who’s going to rebuild Iraq, who gets the oil licences, etc…
    To me this is the kind “double deals” which makes the US look bad abroad.
    If the twin-towers wouldn’t have collapsed, I think Bush wouldn’t have got the public support for his war.
    To me it is very difficult to understand why the most powerful nation on Earth is so much in fear?
    From WW2 until 1989 you were afraid of the Russians who were going to invade the US.
    (“Better dead than red” remember?)
    Now its the Muslims and the Arab countries + some rogue states like North-Korea.
    What is the constant in all this? Fear!
    Fear and Northrop and Rayethon’s stock that keeps going up!
    It is this fear that is divirting huge amounts of your national budget to arms, while keeping very little left for decent -payable- education for all of your countrymen. Keeping very little for decent medical care, housing, anti-poverty measurements, etc…
    As a friend from across the Atlantic, I can only ask you to wake up.
    You are already the most powerful nation this planet has ever known.
    You need not live in fear that somebody will come and take it all away, or that tomorrow we will all have to worship Allah.
    What I do know is that we will all have to start to live together.
    Nazi Germany would not have existed, if the payments of the first world war would not have been so severe that they enpovriged entire Germany.
    Nor do I think that Muslims would be so extreme if Israel got the occasional slap on the wrist, when they deserve one.
    Again it’s the fear that dehumanizes our enemies and makes our acts seem “rightous”.
    Even if we’re the ones invading other countries, bombing their cities, putting their people under a yoke without a way out. (Cfr. Israel and the Palestinians)
    This is what creates extremism and terrorists.
    As usual it’s the “little people” like the Berg family that pay the ultimate price.
    Sincerely yours,

  33. What happened to nick berg was not called for he didnt deserve to die that way its what you call cold blooded murder what person would have the heart to do somthing like that and praying allah hu akbar while cutting his head off there is no way in hell god will forgive those men for what they have done he was an innocent person y kill an innocent person, if he had done something wrong go for it but for no reason what so ever i am disgusted a muslim my self and i was turned off the way they placed his head infront of that camera that is wen u say ALLAH HU AKBAR
    but as to those americans who decide its fun to strip those iraqies out of there clothes and take shots of them on top of each other may god curse them becasue they didnt deserve to die either and for that bitch who thinks she looked cool following orders YEHHHHHHH RIGHTTTTT
    explain that to god when ur judged ahhahahahahaah

  34. I am an American; I Love being an American. I have never been asked to serve my contry but at the tender age of 43 if called I would do so, and leave my family to fight for the simple freedoms to we as Americans enjoy. Enjoy is a keyword here; freedom is not a right as some people my mistakenly belive. It has been granted to us for a defineable period time by the almighty himself, with only he knowing its shelflife. We do not run up the beachs of other
    countries to somehow gain wealth in the area of
    contention. I’m sure Mr. Bush, or Mr. Rumsfeld
    could employ the services of one of the current no money down authors for true welth building.
    We gave Sadam; with his 5th ranked in the world
    military 10 years to stand down. He snubbed his nose and dared this great country (yes great country)each and every day. Oh! If you are an individual that gets a sickening feeling in your stomach when you read the italicized phase remember this: Catholics, Jews, Protastants, Gays, Christains, Jahovah Whitness, Liberals,
    people who like peanut butter and jelly, well
    just about anybody will suffer the fate of Nick
    Burg, if these terroristes pervail. I am not talking about panties on your head misfits, but the real cut off your head, drop you in acid, bury you alive real thing.
    Even though it sickens me to hear people write about how we are going into countries to conqure and take over, if asked I would fight for your right to disagree with my opinion. We are on this earth for maybe 80 years average, some might see 100, few will see past this age; I only wish to live my life in the greatest country on the face of the earth. Never forget the brave men and woman who have given there tomorrows so that you may have your todays.

  35. No excuse for the military personnel and the miss-treatment of the Iraqi prisoners, we are better than that & the past world wars prove it.
    The Middle East better take care in not waking this “Sleeping Giant”.
    We should pull out of all the Middle East and give them a space of time to police their own. Give Israel allllll the nukes, et… they desire and if the Arabs want to be turned into a glass factory let’s see if their Ala will intervene. I don’t think Israel is worried about their God intervening in their behalf. Bring it on! Let the god that answers by fire be God!


    Always a “but” when talking about Islamist outrages. Very revealing, Fatima.
    Stripping captured combatants naked is “just as bad” as sawing off an innocent bystander’s head with a dull knife? Kindly explain this concept, O “Moderate” Muslim. What’s your opinion on suicide bombing, hmmm?
    “Thousands” are dying every day in Iraq & Palestine? At our hands? Prove it.
    We raped your women? Prove it.

  38. Thats the problem!
    I totally agree with Fatima on this.
    What the telly shows is always ‘something bad about muslims’
    They are biased
    They only show a story from a non-muslims point of view.
    Try and look at muslim channels – or CNN
    You’ll be surprised what you see. You want proof, we have proof. Shows an innocent Muslim women with an hijab walking down the street. Next you see an american soldier walking past and pulling off the scarf OFF HER HEAD!
    This might not sound as shocking or as violent to you americans but to us muslims its disrespectful – you lot might not know what this is.
    Firstly who are they to pull off someone hijab. What control do they have over that poor women. They have no respect to whom whatsoever.
    This is NOT one person we are talking about here. Thousands of muslim women were raped. Yes, yes, they showed it on video.
    Old middle-aged women were forced to bend down and then walk like a donkey. Even worse an american soldier would go on top of her and ask her to ride him. This is rude and inhumain.
    You americans have come to that country to bring INDEPENDANCE. Is this what you call independance? Is this what you call ‘helping the iraqis?’
    These aren’t shown on television because they dont want people to see how iraqi people are treated. This is propaganda!
    Now, dont tell me i dont have proof. If you call ‘recording’ not proof then i cant think of another way of proving my point.
    You guys believe what you want to believe.
    Oh yes, and one more thing. Islamic channels show things through 2 point of views. They are not biased. They show everything unlike what we see on normal telly.
    Like i said BEFORE. If i believe in something i express my opinions honestly. If the muslims did do something to the americans i would express my opinions from both sides.
    What is the world becoming?

  39. i just viewed the Nick Berg video,,,, the horror and rage i feel at this moment is overwhelming,to the point of, i would applaud and encourage the use of nuclear weapons against iraq and terrorist where ever they hide their cowardly,pathetic,sorry excuse of a human being.the u.s.a should get the hell out of there,take the few good iraq’s-muslims ect…with them,give them saddam back, then nuke every last one of those miserable,ungrateful people straight to HELL!!!leaving none alive,to become future bin- ladens,al-zarqawi and terrorists.these people know no love or peace,proven by how they kill,maim and treat thier own people.having the odasidy to invoke Gods name!why sould any one die for this abomination of a a few prisoners were humiliated,did we burn,drag and mutilate there bodies,as we joyfully danced in happiness,letting our children,join us as we further desecrated the bodies?instead of sport-cards or comics the children of these lunatics collect suicide bomber and terrorists cards.this is why i believe we need to nuke them all.there’s no place on this earth for animals like this,they need to become extinct,forever.mankinds history began in these countries,yet these people are the most ignorant,cruel,intolerant and uncivilized people, were civilization began.God wiped them out ,with the flood.we will nuke them,including the palistine’s.enough already,stop playing with these murdering fanatics and put them out of their misery!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. I noticed that nobody has disputed my quotations of the Koran. I wonder why?
    This is NOT one person we are talking about here. Thousands of muslim women were raped. Yes, yes, they showed it on video. … Now, dont tell me i dont have proof. If you call ‘recording’ not proof then i cant think of another way of proving my point.
    OK, then … show us the video.
    Islamic channels show things through 2 point of views. They are not biased. They show everything unlike what we see on normal telly.
    That is the most hilariously absurd claim I’ve heard in a long, long time. Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya have been steady purveyors of enemy propaganda since well before 9/11. In its aftermath, they have routinely transmitted calls-to-arms via tapes purporting to feature nice guys like Osama bin Laden, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, and Saddam Hussein, under the pretext that doing so is not a nakedly hostile act of incitement against the West, in general, and the United States, in particular. Instead, ironically, they justify such actions by the almost-exclusively Western tradition of free expression, claiming to be merely covering the “news.”
    The two Arab networks have made a fetish of broadcasting murderous attacks on Americans and their Iraqi and coalition allies, often accompanied by commentary or “news analysis” that makes no effort to conceal that the speakers’ sympathies lie with the perpetrators.
    Al Jazeera has also been observed arriving at the scene of a roadside bombing or other attack before it occurs. While the network has claimed that this was because it had been misinformed that the attack had already taken place and innocently wound up getting to the scene first, this strains credulity. At the very least, the attackers are waiting for the sympathetic Arab TV to show up before causing their carnage, knowing that it will feature prominently on subsequent broadcasts and be picked up by other networks around the world.
    It seems unlikely to be any coincidence, either, that crowds are often on hand as well. Increasingly, some on hand for the attacks erupt — as if on command — when the cameras are on, offering fervid denunciations of the United States, President Bush, so-called Iraqi collaborators in the occupation of an Arab country and similar, highly charged visuals.
    Unbiased? I think not.

  41. The only thing i could say to ‘Bill Edwards’ is that you have no heart. Believe what you want. I cant be bothered to argue with someone like you. I want to have a proper civilised conversation with ‘people’ who respect other countries and dont blur insults at their religion. You dont hate iraq, you hate islam and that results you to have such terrible, hideous thoughts. Its disgusting what you said. I would never say anything like that to an american, even if they killed hundreds of Muslims. You make me ‘sick’
    People like you cause this suffering in the world. That is why racism exists. That is why thousands of people get killed. That is why terrorists come about. Think about what you said.
    ‘why sould any one die for this abomination of a a few prisoners were humiliated’
    You want to know how it feels to be in a room with a bunch of psyhco�s?
    You want someone to break chemical lights and pour the phosphoric liquid on you? Well thats what they suffered.
    You want someone to pour cold water on you?
    You want to suffer beatings with a brook handle and a chair? You want to be threatened with rape?
    You want a military police guard to stich your wound while you was injured after being slammed against the wall in a cell?
    You want to be sodomized with a chemical light and perhaps a broom stick? You want militaty working dogs to frighten and intimidate you with threats of attack, and then actually being biting?
    You want to be humiliated?
    How would it feel if a woman with cigarette dangling from her mouth, is giving a jaunty thumbs-up sign and pointing at the —- of a young Iraqi, who is naked except for a sandbag over his head, as he

  42. I watched the video and it also makes me sick. As far as the Iraqi prisoners go-We didn’t behead any of them. Our soldiers have never raped women and children. They’re over there doing a job that none of us have volunteered to do. As far as the person who stated Nick Berg deserved what he got-WAKE UP! Noone deserves that, I don’t care. If we had Osama bin Ladin in custody and did that to him, it would still disturb me. “The Truth” needs to pack it up and move over there in the middle of those hellish people. I’m so sick of seeing these people over there dragging our dead soldiers through the streets and cheering over their bodies. Look at what they did on 9/11. They were cheering. We don’t go over to these countries with the intention of killing innocent civilians like they do. I don’t think we should’ve ever gone to Iraq in the first place, but now we’re there and nothing can be done about it. Rest in Peace Nick Berg.

  43. to the “truth” quit just don’t get it,do you? so i’m a racist,hatemonger and heartless ect… wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped you in the face.not only you can’t spell, apparently you can’t read eighter. no where did i insult muslims or iraq’s.i said to bring the few GOOD muslims and iraq’s back with us.your blind to the truth, as are the terrorists and fanatics.all i hear from you is negative, how bad and terrible we are.i take no joy in war,death or the abuse of any person, be they free,a prisoner,black,white,jew or christian.stuck in your “poor me” world all you see or hear is the abuse and injustices of life,i have been abused,in jail,wife died at 32,father-10 year old brother and 3 other family died in plane crash and other brother is waiting execution on death row. so i too have suffered .thats life.that dosen’t give me the right to kill blacks,because a black man sold the cocain that killed my wife.or to kill the columbians that may or may not have sabotaged my fathers plane{he was FL. D.E.A} or to the judical sys. waiting to execute my brother,which as painful as it is, the punishment my bro deserves for killing two innocent who are you to judge me,much less put my NAME in your mouth,what by repeating my name are you trying to bring harm my way?whats your name ali-baba or better yet boo-hooey…..if you’ed shut your mouth and open your ears,maybe you’d of heard,that after i saw that video,i was greatly disturbed seeing an innocent man have his head sawed off,seeing 4 men burned and desecrated,countless suicide-terrorist bombings, yes, i was angry. like wise i’m angry at the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people killed by american bombs falling from the sky!but i also see all of the good in all people.and may GOD forgive me for even suggesting nuclear weapons.war is a terrible thing,innocents helpless as people were to saddam ,we too are helpless to our politicians and their hidden agendas, but to search out and kill innocent people that have nothing to do with anything other than try to keep there families fed and safe is unacceptable,and they need to be stopped by what ever means possible,be they american,iraq,christian or the end we all will face our GOD,and each of us will be held accountable for our lives and actions,….may GOD bless and help us all………………

  44. I agree on going to war on Afghanistan against the talibans: an elected terrorist-type government. but but.. why war on Iraq??? besides the mission: WMD failed and only mission: elimination of Saddam succeed. Eliminating Saddam from power is useless as well as rebuilding Iraq as well as eliminating Quadafi of Libya or Kim Chong ill of North Korea… America went to war for its own interest and distrust of Saddam not bcuz of freedom for iraq. there is no connection with war on terror or al quaeda with Mr. Saddam Hussein of Iraq. dond u think??? Bush spent too much money and made situation complicate.
    As a European i agree with UN and just let americans and arabs fight this unfinish war and revenge. Americans r becoming like Israelis against Palestinians.

  45. To all naiv americans!!!!
    If you want to realy know whow killed Nick berg than go to this web. Berg was almost converted to islam and had with him Koran and Antisemitic book(the problem of jewish), when first time cuptured by US Soldiers. There 42 unexplainded points with this video.

  46. Nick Berg doesn’t deserve that kind of death. It’s just not right taking life away in a snap. It’s true that the Americans violated the law agaisnt abusing the prisoners but it’s just not right to go ahead and do their killing just like that. I understand all the hurt of the family of those Iraqi prisoners who were abused by those American soldiers, but killing never solve anything. The people behind the beheading of Nick Berg are cowards! They took life away from that poor person without even thinking the outcome of their work. They never put it in their minds that no matter how many american people they’re going to kill everyday they can never ever get what they wanted even if they’ll go to the ends of the earth and do every single evil thing to do coz the Americans never take orders from anybody, except for their superior…. They should never done it…

  47. All,
    What strikes me on this page is that Americans and Muslims have complete opposite views on the same facts.
    This typically happens when you don’t have all of them.
    What I know from Western media I read in Jihad vs. MacWorld by Benjamin R. Barber.
    As clearly pointed out in the book, Western media is becoming more and more monopolized. People like Rupert Murdock complete more and more mergers, in which they buy newspapers, TV-stations, etc…
    The danger in allowing this monopolization to happen is that the West is becoming blinder.
    Blind in the sense that all news is in the hands of VERY few persons, who control every image, we see on e.g. the “War on Terror”.
    News from other channels like Al-Jazeera is probably not shown in the US. If it were, I think this discussion would have been more moderate, and less nukes would fly by 😉
    This “War on Terror” is also becoming more and more a “War on Information”.
    On May 21st a journalist from Al-Jazeera was killed by a US sniper, bringing the total of dead journalists in this war to 27! (People from the US: just out of curiosity- did Fox-News or CNN tell you this?)
    Surely if everything the US did was “hunky-dory” there was no need to do this, was there?
    Another more recent- example of this globalisation of mass media has happened when Michael Moore won the Festival of Cannes for his “Fahrenheit 9/11” film.
    Disney refused to distribute Moore�s movie due to the fact that Disney has significant tax benefits in Florida. Accidentally Dubya�s brother is the governor over there… So there goes your “freedom of speech”.
    Add to this the sniping of any journalist that doesn�t get briefed by the Pentagon, and Bob�s your uncle:
    Uncle Sam controls all the news resources! They can blow as much smoke up your ass as they want. You won�t know the difference.
    Seeing is believing. The beheading of Nick Berg has a strange aura to say the least. At Google try “Nick Berg” fishy, I feel lucky and read. At the very least there are some valid remarks about the issues raised in these articles. Not so much that the man did not loose his head -may God have his soul-, as to WHO actually did it.
    Now if the Pentagon controls all journalists, how easy does it become to swing US public opinion, just when about all US citizens start to think it�s time to leave Iraq?
    As pointed out by “Europulse”, the Iraqi conflict starts to become more and more like the Israeli conflict with the Palestinians. Either side claims to have God or Allah on their side, while in fact it�s just a bunch of fascists killing each other, abusing God or Allah in the process of doing so.
    Yours truly,

  48. Eurobel,
    The Michael Moore/Disney flap was a publicity stunt. Find a better example, and do try to keep up with current events, will you?
    What was that Al-Jazeera journalist doing, hmmm?

  49. Hi Puddle Pirate,
    Publicity stunt or not, are you already able to see Moore’s film, if you’d like to?
    Disney admitted they didn’t want to distribute his film, but Moore has a contract with them (Through Miramax) So what do you suggest the man does?
    At least admit that big business is corroding your freedom of speech.
    About the Al-Jazeera journalist: we’ll never know will we?
    Probably Pentagon briefed journalists will say he was planning some kind of suicide attack.
    Perhaps he was filming more abuses in Iraqi prisons.
    We’ll never know. Killing journalists to me is a sign that you have something to hide.
    Besides, that Al-Jazeera bloke was just the last one. 26 others have died too, most of them Western press, some Israeli.

  50. Moore’s silly little film will soon be released, never fear. We have free speech in America, even for pinheads like Moore.
    Big business is not corroding my freedom of speech, my dear. Since starting this little blog in late March, I have had over 76,000 readers drop in to read what I have to say.
    How do you know that the Al Jazeera photographer was killed by an American? Which side is it that intentionally targets noncombatants, and which side tries to avoid killing them? Who is it that killed those journalists, and under what circumstances?

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