AP story: Nick Berg & terrorist shared a laptop

The Nick Berg story has taken a turn for the surreal. Paul at Wizbang broke a story an hour before the AP did: Nick Berg allegedly gave his computer password to terrorists.

A friend called me and told me the AP was going to release a story that Nick Berg was investigated by the FBI 2 years ago because he gave his password for his computer account at his university to [a man linked to] terrorist mastermind Zacharias Moussaoui.

Now it’s on CNN.
It looks to me like Berg was just being gullibly polite. I’m not going to speculate on this, but it sure is a very strange turn of events.

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  1. it a pity nick had to died like that, and the funny thing is that some moslems take this up and start to kill people all over the world. like in Nigeria( Africa) they think it calls for celebration and with this they have killed over 2,000 peole to show there approval may God help Nick berg family and also give those responsible for this action no peace for the rest of there lives

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