And you thought an Instalanche was big?

We’ve got a traffic tsunami in progress here. Normally, I get between 300 and 500 visits to my site per day (according to Sitemeter). Yesterday I suddenly broke 6,000 … all from searches related to Nick Berg. I noticed that LGF was reporting a spike, and WizBang got flooded too. Backcountry Conservative is seeing the same thing, as are small dead animals and Single Southern Guy. I’ll post a snapshot of the blog traffic rankings for yesterday and today when TTLB updates the page to reflect the surge. At the moment, I’m on track to crack ~12,000 visits today.
Any ideas about the implications of this massive hunt for the Nick Berg footage?

UPDATE: It’s 3:15 AM, and Rantburg is down.
UPDATE 2: Paul at WizBang sees an opportunity to serve the public.
UPDATE 3: Instapundit collects the best highlights here.
UPDATE 4: Catallarchy has a thought-provoking post that ponders the impact on warfare of instant media coverage of events. Tentative prediction: it’s a good thing. I’m inclined to agree.
Adam at Single Southern Guy reflects on the traffic tsunami; no answers yet, but he’s digging. I think I’ll grab my hardhat and join in.
UPDATE 5: Seldom Sober writes an open letter to people looking for the Nick Berg video.

  1. On average

    69 minutes. That’s all it took to surpass the daily average visits. People are searching for the video. Most of them are coming from our friend the Backcountry Conservative. I wonder what the total number or percentage of increased hits…

  2. Brutal Truth Traffic

    I may be going out on a limb here, but I think the worst (or best) is over. What many have taken to calling a ‘traffic tsunami’ has hit here as well. Ot’s a pretty apt term, capturing the wave…

  3. The Nick Berg Video

    It appears that the Nick Berg video is making its way across the internet, and the heavily interlinked nature of the blogosphere is driving google traffic their way. One of the things few people are commenting on is how the…

  4. Thanks for the link. You’ve been blogrolled.

  5. Nick Berg Traffic Onslaught

    The World Wide Web has been slammed by people looking for the Nick Berg video. The Short Family Web Site has been feeling this pain since Thursday. Outside the Beltway, InstaPundit, Backcountry Conservative, and A Single Southern Guy in America…

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