American civilian beheaded in Iraq

Al Qaeda videotaped the beheading of Nick Berg, an American civilian contractor found dead in Iraq on Saturday. More as this develops.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Religion of Peace™.

UPDATE: It’s true. WizBang has a link to the video, but be warned … it’s hideous. If you’d rather just read a text description, try LGF.
UPDATE 2: Whomping Willow makes a key observation about the scum who murdered Nick Berg:

Which detainees were they wanting in exchange? Let’s set aside for a moment the fabulous propaganda they got out of beheading Berg and assume they did not do it just for that. Perhaps, um, some of their operatives were being held there? I’ve heard and read much since my initial rant regarding the abuse of the prisoners at there, which I denounced as vile and horrible. I said the soldiers responsible for that are just not good enough to wear the uniform. I still stand by that: we are better than that. But I am beginning to wonder at the identity and nature of those detainees. And I know I won’t know for awhile, if ever, national security and need-to-know and all that, but I think it’s important now to remember those detainees are not little bunny rabbits.

UPDATE 3: If you’re wondering why the media’s not showing Nick Berg’s murder but keeps showing Iraqis being abused in Abu Ghraib, Cox & Forkum’s latest cartoon beats any thousand words you care to pick:

The Good, The Bad, The Media

UPDATE 4: More news on the reaction to Nick Berg’s murder here.
UPDATE 5: For information on the beheading of Paul Johnson … click.

  1. i think that the iraqians are very bad people and if were in iraq now i would shoot all of them in the head

  2. the beheading wasnt right but the americans are far from innocent. they murdered iraqi children and tortured innocent people in prisons

  3. I have been praying for Keith Maupin ever since he was shown on video as a hostage. As a mother and as an American I am petrified of the treatment our people are receiving at the hands of these evil people. And with Nick Berg’s death, I pray even harder. I wake up in the middle of the night praying harder and hope my prayers along with everyone else will protect our loved ones. I can’t imagine the terror that the families of our loved ones are experiencing, especially those whose loved ones are hostages or unaccounted for. Hopefully, as a nation, we will all see the reality of the hatred that exists in that region of the world; one that has existed since the beginning of time. What we are doing militarily is preventing these evil beings from bringing more horror like Sept. 11th and Nick Berg’s uncalled death closer to our shores.

  4. i think us people are dirty [expletive deleted] and all deserve to die.
    if i was part of the iraqi people i would kick as many american asses as i can.
    They have absolutely nothing to do there so i don’t care about what happen to them down ther…

  5. i think any american that thinks that americans should die over in shit town should go over there with them bunch of [expletive deleted] so we can drop the bomb!

  6. we should also remember that what the Iraqis experienced under Saddam Hussein was far more disgusting and appalling than what we have seen.
    Where are our senators and congressmen when human rights were being violated under Saddam. Where are the Iraqis when their people were being butchered by the Husseins. Do the Americans think that the Iraqis would treat the Americans better than what we have seen in those pictures? Who Knows what is going on among those kidnapped by the Iraqi militants. If they can behead an innocent man in front of our eyes, they can do worse than our military. In a war we do what they do and they do what we do…the question is who do the worst? and that is debatable.

  7. OK, big brave abc, go to Iraq and fight Americans. Or are you too cowardly?
    Greg, you’re a loon.

  8. I cant believe everyone could say all this about the poor Iraqi people suffering there.
    I dont agree with the fact that the Iraqi’s beheaded an innocent man but then again they wanted revenge.
    The americans did far worst than that. they HUMILIATED the iraqi’s for christ sake. Didn’t you see all those pictures taken. I didn’t believe my eyes. The amount of suffering they went through. Not even an animal would go that far. Yes thats what i’m saying, those american soldiers are ANIMALS, they are INHUMAIN, and they should not get away with it.
    Ginny reybak. I cant believe you said that. You called the iraq’s ‘evil people’. How could they be evil. American’s just took over their country, raped iraqi women, killed CHILDREN and raped young boys. They humiliated and treated the iraqi prisoners like animals. They tied a mans neck and made him toddle after them. They treated them so badly which makes me SICK.
    Now tell me Ginny reybak. Who are you calling evil. Let me rephrase your words.
    I have been praying for all those poor iraqi people ever since the america took over their country. As a student i am petrified of the treatment iraqi people are receiving at the hands of these evil people, the american soldiers. I wake up in the middle of the night praying harder and hope my prayers along with everyone else will protect our loved ones. I can’t imagine the terror that the families of our loved ones are experiencing, especially those whose loved ones are dying in iraq in the hands of the americans.
    Okay i think i should stop here.
    I want to comment on one more thing you said:
    “What we are doing militarily is preventing these evil beings from bringing more horror like Sept. 11th and Nick Berg’s uncalled death closer to our shores.”
    You made me laugh here. Are you serious? How could they possibly be helping them. They are the ones treating them like dirt, far worst then what Saddam Husein did. Are they bringing independance to the country or are they making it worst. How could iraq be better off in the hands of the americans. May i ask if you saw those hideous pictures of iraqi soldiers being abused? Do you even believe the pictures are real? I bet you dont. I thought so. “Typical”
    Thats all i’m saying. Please comment.

  9. Oh yes and one more thing.
    Nick Berg is ONE PERSON. How many people live in iraq today and how many are suffering? I’ll let YOU lot decide.
    What the iraqi’s suffered under saddam isn’t far more worst then what they are suffering under the americans.
    “Oh the wonderful americans will bring peace to iraq and bring back their independance”
    The photo’s prove’s for itself. Is that what you call ‘peace?’ Is that what you call ‘independance?’
    People who agree with what the americans are doing should think again. They must be blind.
    Please comment

  10. I hope everyone dies from the [expletive deleted] war!!!

  11. You want my comment? I cannot find a site that is up and functional, when trying to view this Nick Berg video. Why don’t we all place a link to the original al-quida website that hosted the video. Then we, as non-military types can crash there servers, limiting their communication via the web. How do you like that idea??????

  12. i am believer of needing to be shown something in order to see it. can someone inform me of what website i can find this video on that has everyone in such an uprage?

  13. Do you think these prisoners were captured picking flowers out in a meadow? Some were probably captured with their fingers on the trigger, ready to slug your brother, or uncle, or son, or niece or daughter, or sister, or aunt. I’m not saying we should beat them up, but then again they are not saints….. Americans get beaten up all the time as P.O.W.s at times of war. You don’t see us catching the foe’s non-militants & desecrating them on live video to the world. I defended when people I conversed with said “eradicate them” five months ago; seeing a video as such has triggered similar feelings.

  14. By the way, remember Loch Erbie, remember the first attempt on the WTC, remember the wtc on sept. 11, remember the pentagon, remember the moms & dads & husbands & wives in the plane over Penna, & the ones in NYC & Wash. D.C. Remember all the orphans that have now become your children. Hopefully I wont have to remind you of a time when external terror thrived on YOUR soil. I’m not an American; But I damn sure wish I could run for president (do the “math”)

  15. Mark: The original site that first uploaded the video crashed from the flood of traffic it generated, and the ISP that hosted the site kicked the jihadis off their server.
    If anybody still hasn’t seen the video, but thinks they need to see it in order to understand, I reluctantly suggest you follow the links from this page.
    Anonymous goofball posting as “The Truth”: First, get a clue about the war in Iraq. Second, try to grasp the concept that humiliation is not worse than having your head slowly sawn off with a dull knife.

  16. I do not know what shocks me more, the video of seeing those soulless bastards saw the head of an American citizen, or hearing “the Truth” spit up the most liberal, tree hugging, anti-American propaganda I have ever heard. To say that the leashing of Iraqi soilders was worse than the brutal beheading of Nick Berg is like saying that the handcuffing of tower guards at Auschwitz was far more cruel than the burning of thousands of Jews. You’re problem is that you have no facts. Show me where it says that US soilders raped Iraqi women. Show me where it says that US soilders killed children. I’ll give you the rest of your life to find that site because you and I both know that those things never happened. Your problem is that you are so liberal that the only political or global issues that draw your attention are the ones which show Bush as an idiot. Do you honestly think that by pulling out of Iraq is going to make us safe? Do you? Well let me remind you of the dozens of terrorist anti-western culture incidents ranging from the Olympic hostage situation, to the multiple attacks on the world trade, to the 100s of suicide bombings to hit that area. The bottom line is things are going to have to get bad before they get better. They are always going to hate us and they are always going to attack us because that is what is in their culture. I’m not grouping all Arabs in this light, but when the people in power are the people who do these acts, peace is a long way off. I saw the Nick Berg video and it is without a doubt the most disturbing thing I’ve ever witnessed. Nothing in that video shows any kind of decency of any kind. To just call it a beheading is so under descriptive that unless you’ve seen it, there is no way of showing the severity. I don’t like the fact that we are at war. I don’t like the fact that my friend is serving and I don’t like the fact that the actions are accepted by the people in the middle east and shunned by the media here. You go ahead and sit in your dorm room and think about how much smarter you are than all other people and keep your Sherryl Crow view that the best way to say out of a war is to not have enemies. But like it or not this is the only way this can be handled. These terrorist respond to nothing but force. If you don’t like Bush that’s alright, you can have any opinoin you want, that’s the beauty of this country. But when your first instinct is to blame America and blame President Bush, then you’re not as smart as you pretend to be. Do me a favor, before you respond to this, take a look at the video and YOU tell me which is worse.

  17. Hear Hear “The Truth,” lay it down

  18. correction… “The Truth is an idiot” has my praises, not the jackass sitting on his/her eyes

  19. Show you, truth? There are videos. Nothing justifies Berg’s brutal murder, but you need to open your eyes that US soldiers are not picking flowers either.
    Some of the prisoners are vile people, some WERE picked up for nothing. Either way, we don’t treat people like that, whoever they are.
    Neither side can justify it’s atrocities by the others’.

  20. Sadly all of this is just more proof that a few bad apples can spoil the whole bunch. For every monster over there that would murder and american aide worker for something he had no part in, there is an another american that would..and I quote ” shoot all of them in the head”. If you ask me murdering innocent iraqui people that had no part in nick bergs violent murder would only make things worse. How about instead of escilating retaliations you start by not wanting to kill a whole contry for the actions of one. 25 million people in iraq are just trying to live life like everyone here. So I wish all the world the best…. were gonna need it
    p.s. blind belief in ANY religion is the root of all evil. If your religious leaders are telling you to kill people…they are giving you bad information

  21. The bottom line is this. The middle east is teeming with fundamentalist wackos who will do whatever it takes to break down the west, especially America. When several thousand Americans died on their own soil (9/11), we got a wakeup call, the whole world did. So we basically had two choices: 1) Stay here and hope they don’t try it again (right!!!) or 2) Seek and destroy the evil bastards who are doin this crap, and help to rebuild a government that doesnt tolerate terrorism over there. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that that as survivalists (human beings) the later option is the only option. We went over there to kick ass and then to help. Yes, innocent people got killed and prisoners were abused. That’s not fair is it? Bodies have been burned, drug through the streets, and beheaded on camera for revenge? Is that fair? Hell no, it’s a part of war. And we are still very much at war here. But if we let liberal propaganda and passive soap box pissings of people like “The Truth” make us as Americans feel ashamed or that we deserve what we get, then we might as well all stick our heads in the ground like a bunch of ostriches fleeing from danger – that’s really effective. The world has become a more dangerous place to live in, and I say it’s kill or be killed. If you don’t like it, get out of America and go hide in a cave. What do you think?

  22. By the way, anyone who�s still looking for the video can find it at the following site.

  23. Doesn’t everyone wish the world was perfect? I have read through all these postings and observed various opinions about both sides of the issue. There are real problems, but unfortunately there are not simple answers. We must remember that most people, in general, are not bad. It doesn’t matter which country they live in. Most people just want to have a good life and a family. As far as the issues at hand though. A few soldiers committed some atrocities that should have not happened. Well guess what,, They will go to trial and, if found guilty, will go to prison. I was a member of the military. I can tell you that the highest majority of us fight because we have a great respect for human life and freedom, not because we want to create mayhem and destroy.
    I would ask that everyone look at the whole picture. Saddam, while in power, killed hundreds of thousands of people. He did use a form of Mustard gas on his, and the Iranian, people. Did everyone forget that?? Take a look at the atrocities that were committed there. Does that not matter now? Now people have made statements about the United States soldier’s killing women and children. Let me ask,,, If a child was pointing an AK47 at you would it be alright just because it was a child?
    Innocent people do get killed. That is a sad fact, but do you think that Amercian soldiers try to do that intentionally? Remember, the Iraqi militants have killed many more men, woman, and children on purpose than the U.S. has accidentally. The saddest fact of all is that our Press in the United States reports information in a way that promotes business for themselves. They often do not give a total accounting of the whole truth. Our politicians, do have their own personal agenda’s at times. That is the way things work. I have read all these anti American statements and I don’t like them, but guess what. This is America and we all have the right to say what we want. That is freedom of speech. One of the freedoms that is enjoyed here in the United States because of our soldiers being there to protect those rights. Start thinking about the freedoms that you have. If you don’t want them, then I suggest you go to a country like Iraq and live there. I have lived in other countries. I have seen repressed people. Most feel helpless. are our soldiers wrong for trying to fight for what they feel is right? Can anyone justify the beheading of a man by others in mask’s? Was he a combatant or was he someone in another country trying to help rebuild that country?
    Freedom isn’t free, it is paid for on the backs of those that suffer and die so that we may enjoy our basic human rights. Thany you for listening

  24. One more thing, This goes to the person who signed their name as “The truth”
    You wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped you in the face. I am betting you get your opinions from a bunch of news articles and the television. Please go to Iraq, or any other 3rd world or middle eastern country and see how life is and then come back here and spout off things that you apparently know nothing about. Go watch a child die from hunger or sickness because the ruler of a country wants more palaces. See a whole family just disappear because one person in that family had a different religious view than the country’s. Watch a man get executed because his political beliefs were different than the current person in power. I suppose all that doesn’t matter to you right now though because you jumped on the anti american bandwagon. I suppose you are a flag burner also?? Lucky you though. DO you live in the USA where you can demonstrate your rights?? Now I get to excercise my freedom of speech. It is people like you that bring our country down. People like you who want the word God removed from everything. Who don’t want the pledge of allegiance. Who don’t want prayer to be allowed in school. Does this sound like you??
    In your very own arrogance you abuse the freedoms offered by the blood of those that have died fighting for it. I guess more than anything, I feel sorry for you because of your ignorance.

  25. Whatever has happened to “THE TRUTH” ?
    Cause right now I’m feelin a bit confused about American involvement in global terrorism.
    I think I need to hear “THE TRUTH” !!!

  26. I would love to kill all of you camel jockeys. You hide behind your bull**** religion in an effort to make killing your fellow man right. I think I’ll go behead one of you [expletive deleted] at the local 7-11.
    Note from Puddle Pirate: Chuck has been banned.

  27. Hear Hear Ken

  28. Too many people have become too comfortable with the comforts that so many honorable men & women have died trying to establish them. Take another look at the history books, maybe you were asleep in high school. Like it was mentioned earlier, don’t let a few “bad apples” spoil the bunch. As for the media, flashy, horrible pictures sell tension & boost ratings, just like sex sells a six pack of beer (except Heineken :), it sells itself ). If the pictures they show were also mixed in with the pictures of our men & women caring for starving babies, or mending the wounds of the enemy soldier, it’s possible that no one would continue to watch their channel hence low ratings. Sadly, the reality is that we sorta look forward to hear about our men & women that have become casualties more, than to hear about some of the heroic things that the majority does on an everyday basis.
    No relevance, but I wanna add that the FCC sucks!!! Let Howard Stern Speak!!!! (some relevance bears within I guess, FREEDOM OF SPEECH)

  29. [Troll droppings flushed]

  30. Nick Berg lost his head, However there is NOTHING more Brutal and Terrifying than an Iraqi Prisinor with a pair of underwear over his head! Speaking of heads, I have mine so far up my ***, I can’t see what the hell is going on and I’m fully protected!!!

  31. Actually Iraqi has been peace full nation like others who loudly convey.But kindly to be consider and think who is the above killers who wear dresses like abu gharib controllers / administrators.
    these five persons not iraqis, its confirmed.
    please think this war is not for terrorism. its for muslim’s nation and architecture.

  32. No nation & architecture needed, just the oil you wanker. There are bombs going off in all the world’s nations now (supporters & non-supporters of the war). What do you think they are? Really big firecrackers? WAKE UP STUPID!!!!

  33. It’s so sad to be banned.
    I’m happy to oblige. — Puddle Pirate

  34. The photos of the abuse of Iraqi prisoners has shocked and sickened the majority of people in the world. It has brought great shame on two great nations, that is Britain and the US, the majority of whose people are decent people who are also sickened by it. It doesnt matter if others do such practises. Americans went into Iraq supposedly to give the people freedom and democracy, by saying that they are better. These photos have shown that they are not better.
    To say that what happened to those men was not torure, or just a little thing, is seeking to minimize gross acts which are indefensible. The supposed purpose of their ordeal was to soften them up for interrogation, is that not what torture is? Torture can be both physical and psychological. In this case it was both. Some prisoners were beaten to death. Does not stripping naked a 12 year old girl and then beating her up for her brother to hear, whilst he is unable to defend her as he is imprisoned, is this not psychological torture? Is not making a 73 year old women go down on all fours, forcing her to say she is a donkey and then riding her, a gross inhumane act?
    Most of these people in that prison were not charged with anything, were mostly innocent people swept up in waves of arrests.
    It seems there are a lot of rednecks in the US army. who are so ignorant they do not even know that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.
    Even if people are guilty of whatever crimes, does that justify sexually assaulting them?
    You may have noticed that I said the majority of people are sickened by it. A teeny minority aren’t. That includes the trailer trash neighbours of Lindy England and certain people on this website. Those of you on this website who do not think this is any big deal, maybe someone should do this to you. But then you would probably enjoy it.
    Do you lot find such images something to joke about, or to justify or to minimize because the victims are muslims? After all, i guess you lot hate Islam, probably the abusers also did. I do not and will not be put on the defensive by people like you.
    So you think this war is about bringing democracy to Iraq, you poor deluded soul. This war is clearly about the US getting its hands on Iraq’s resources and controlling the region. Any one who falls for the bulls*hit coming out of Bush and Blairs mouths has clearly been brainwashed by propaganda.
    I think people, anyone who can make jokes at the sight of any inhumane treatment of any human being indeed put their humanity in a questionable light. And some people on this forum have been doing so.
    When i said
    ‘I dont agree with the fact that the Iraqi’s beheaded an innocent man’
    You lot understood wrong. I meant to say that i didn’t find it right for Nick Berg to be beheaded.
    I saw the video of the beheading of that poor young man Nick Berg and it made me physically sick. I have been on an Islamic forum and almost everyone felt the same, no jokes, no justification, it was disgusting. There was one person who seemed to think it was Ok and I attacked them as furiously as I have attacked certain people on this website.
    Torture, cruelty, sexual assault of prisoners is haram in Islam. Because US soldiers do it, does not justify the brutal killing of Nick Berg. The perpertrators were motivated by hatred, not by Islam, and their associating the name of God with what they did is abhorrent. I pray that God punishes them not only in this life, but in the next as well,
    But I would very much like to know why he was wearing clothing the same as prisoners in Guatenamo Bay wore, and how after being detained by the FBI did he manage to fall into the hands of his murderers.
    Please comment
    [Links added by Puddle Pirate]

  35. Like you said The Truth, but not in these exact words, how do you know what the total truth is??? YOU are not in Iraq, YOU are not it the field getting shot at, YOU are not fighting for a commander that doesn’t supply you with a flak jacket, YOU are not in the position to tell any of us what “the truth” is; But instead, YOU are sitting on your lard, couch riding ass in the comfort of your defended home, (a home that if not for the political BS that this country, or any other country dishes out you probably wouldn’t have) waving biblical terms and associations, and racist slander around.

  36. hello,
    I’m sorry but has this got anything to do with what i was saying.
    What i wrote is what the majority of people think.
    How do you know what you guys are saying is the truth. You lot aren’t in iraq .
    Why bother coming to this messageboard if i’m not entitled to my own opinion which i believe is the truth. Why you may ask? I have my facts and so does thousands and millions of people who ‘agree with me’
    I’m racist? hmmmmmmm you must be really focused on my comments and not reading the other posts.
    Thats all i’m saying.
    Please comment

  37. As I a am entitled to my say also… don’t come here to throw racial or economical slander around…. I don’t know what the truth is, neither do you; but I will take the side of my brothers & sisters. screw the majority, the majority seethes on what the “crooked, two faced” nations have done. Live up to reality and stop hiding from it.
    If your facts lay in what you have seen on TV or in newspapers, then you all are fools. You, yourself called it “propoganda.” when you lay foot on Iraqui soil & see with your own eyes, then and maybe then will you be allowed to use the word “FACTS”

  38. this goes out to the truth,
    It is nice to be in a country where we can voice our opinions. You have voiced yours. You don’t have a clue what you are talking about, but guess what, that is how things work. Just look at the press. Your statement about rednecks was very comical. Do you even know where the term redneck came from? Did you know that term was initially established for all the farmers who toiled in the fields all day so that you could have food to eat. The sun beat down on them for their labor and caused their necks to be sun burned.
    Back to the subject at hand though. I appreciate other people’s opinions. Often, they add a new light to something that I may not have seen. Please make sure you are well informed or knowledgable on a subject before you start issuing doctrine on the way things are. Yes, what those people did to those prisoners was very wrong and they should be punished, but you seem to be caught up in that and nothing else. It is amazing that people can look past the real issues. Look at Boznia/Herz. where they people were committing genocide to others that were supposedly of the wrong race. Look to Africa where whole villages are being destroyed by opposing political rivals. Look to the United States where a group of men hijacked Jets and crashed them into the world trade center killing thousands of people.
    Do you not really see the whole picture? In your anger, you try to point out some one incident and blame a whole country for being wrong.
    Have you heard of the word “Infidel” that islamics and guess what,,,, Saddam used several times to refer to the United States. Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of war
    The term infidel was used because many people of the United Stated are not Muslim. Because, for the most part, we are not Muslim, the Muslims think we should be eradicated from the earth. That is why the United States is always a target. My Hope for you, “The Truth” is that you do learn the truth and quit spouting babble.
    Do you think our troops want to be in Iraq killing people? Do you know what killing a person does to you? You have so much to learn, as do I still, so please live in what you say instead of talking about the way others live

  39. hello,
    From reading your comments it seems to me that you do not have any idea what the religion of Islam is. The word �Islam� is an Arabic word and it means �Peace�. Peace is the hallmark of the Muslims religion.
    Judiasim and Christianity has been taloired and bent by many of their own followers who wanted to frame the religion in their own ways. Islam is the only religion that has stood the test of time and will always will. It is the only religion that has upgraded the human status, gave women the right to own property, education, divorce 1400 years ago. When you talk about human rights you can�t be talking without taking the Islamic perspective.
    The religion of Islam believes in the EQUALITY of all mankind. There is no forceful conversion, no slaugthering , or battering of any kind.
    You also said that islam is equalled to terrorism. It is not the case. Terrorism have always been there since the history of human existence. You can always look up in the history about instances of genocide and inhumane killings. Hitler was a terrorist, so was Milsoveic in the Serbian armed forces. Certain groups in India are also terrorist in killing thousands of innocent lives, American teenagers are terrorist for the crimes and murders they commit. If you into the Palestinian issues, the Israels are terrorist too. You can�t be labelling a religion just because some of it followers have disgressed and taken upon a path out of desparation. The palestianins have been killed in their own land for decades and being engulfed by poverty they have no means of acquiring any ammunition to fight against opressors. If they take up the task of suicide bombing then it shows the desparation of the people for the sake of independence. This is not the right way to do it but when is burdened by one misery over another they would take on a certain route to get rid of it.
    I said before in my previous post and i will say it again that the video of the beheading of that poor young man Nick Berg made me physically sick but that does not mean we should blame ‘ONLY’ islam.
    The perpertrators were motivated by hatred, not by Islam, and their associating the name of God with what they did is abhorrent. I pray that God punishes them not only in this life, but in the next as well.
    My point is that you can�t be just getting up and speaking or defaming a religion when you have no idea what its doctrines and principles contain it.
    Thank you for reading.

  40. Oh and one more thing.
    You want proof?
    Click here if you want to see proof of what is going on in iraq!
    These are pictures bush does not want YOU to see!
    If your still not convinced than i’m ready to give you guys as many information as i can get.
    There’s always two sides to a story.

  41. To the Truth, I went to the sight and looked at many of those pictures. It is quite dramatic and I also do not wish for that kind of pain and suffering towards anyone, but you are blaming Bush for that? Most of those casualties wouldn’t even be there if it weren’t for militant Islamic’s. It is the militants, not the US military that is initiating most of this. They are the ones setting up roadside bombs and setting up explosives in traffic areas. Oh, but you said that Islam is not a religion of war. If that is the case then why are their so many factions in Iraq right now fighting for power. If Islam is so peaceful and good to their women, then why are women second class citizens throughout the middle east. If Islam is peaceful, then why do I hear all the time statements such as, “I hope that they kill all Americans.” Did you see the videos after 9-11. People were in the streets cheering in other countries. Not some small faction but hundreds of people. Does that sound like people studying a religion of peace?? Now tell me,, which nation is really at war?? Is it the United States that is trying to help Iraq get a government in place (to avoid civil war) so that it can bring its soldiers back home or is it the nation of Islam that wants to kill anyone that is an infidel. I do understand that many people in Islam are peaceful, but many many more are just the opposite. It is obvious that you are Islamic. It is also probably just as obvious that I am not. I don’t hold that against you though. I believe in peace, but I also understand it has a price. The United States has set a date that it wants to be out of Iraq, Don’t you think that the iraqi militants would bide their time and see if it really happens, and if it doesn’t then they would have a very valid reason to fight? Why are they making all the attacks now?? Hmmm, Nation of religion,,,, or nation of war????

  42. I also visited the site “Truth,” and unfortunately situations as such are inevitable at times of war. Look at any war, be it for independence, liberation, or simply genocide. One good example, the battle at Gettysburgh.
    Secondly, you previously eluded to the fact that the media dishes out propoganda & should not be fully believed. Those pictures are laden with the name Aljazeera, as well as the names of other Arabic media sources.
    Third, as sad & disgusting as this may sound, NONE of the photos showed any American soldier ensuing the damages. Now I am not trying to nullify the possibility that our shells did do some damage, it would be stupid to say that we didn’t. It would also be stupid to say that the “men” that are fighting behind the name of a religion are not inflicting some of the damages themselves.
    Thier cowardice negligence, has taken them to hide in the homes of their countrymen & their families, and in the places of high reverence (Mosques, cemeteries) and take shots at troops. If you were a soldier being shot at, would you return fire to save your ass? I’m sure your answer is yes.
    Almost since the beginning of civil humanity, religion has been around. Here’s my take on religion “IT’S A CROCK OF SH**.” It has served no other purpose than to down people that do not follow, and to eradicate another group that believes differently. Check the history books. You wanna know why religion was even brought to be? Crowd control. It plays the “If – Then” game of psychology. Check all the branches.
    What you have shown me/us is no proof/fact. What I have seen, as brutal and barbaric as it may sound, is what the Arab media wants YOU to see. If you think the U.S. is so bad, MOVE OUT!!!, because as long as you are here, you are also one of the “infidels.”

  43. You have put it in a very clear light Reek, I hope “the truth” realizes this is not just a debate between us three on this site, but it is in reality the way of the world. If everyone believes in peace, then why is their so much fighting. The middle east countries are always at war. and for what reason? If Islam wants peace then why don’t they try to achieve it?
    You were also right about the photos. Those pictures could have been taken during the first gulf war when Iraq attacked it neighboring country for its oil. and, to “The truth” please remember that Iraqi militants and leadership have killed so many of their own people that the deaths through war and accident from the United States pales in comparison.
    “If you want peace you must strive toward’s its goal and forsake those bent on destruction”

  44. You want fact/proof about the sufferings iraq is going through then i guess you should go there yourself and see exactly what is happening.
    All I hear, or a damn good chunk of what I hear, is right wing appologists saying “oh yeah, but Saddam was worse!”
    They ‘think’ the photo’s taken in iraq was nothing more than a college frat initian prank. They say that the “Iraqi’s are whiners, Saddam was worse so nothing we do is bad by comparison, and it was just a bunch of low level flunkies”
    But where’s the responsibility? Where’s the acceptance, the culpability? Who get’s nailed for it?
    So, no one at the top get’s punished, no one knew what was going on, no one in the administration seems to have been ‘in the loop’ at all. Rumsfled claims his advisors told him photos weren’t available, and that he never even saw them before the press published them.
    Who, exactly, is in charge of what?
    The main thing I miss about Clinton is he actualy bothered to read the news, he actualy took the time to know what the frig was going on in the world, he knew what everyone was doing. You can argue the merits of Clintons involvement, but at least he had the mental capacity to pay attention.
    So, who get’s hung for the abuse? I say Rumsfeld and Bush. Bush is, after all, the commander in chief of our armed forces? The Pentagon runs the military? Rumsfeld is the head of the Pentagon? Where does the responsibility stop, and who is held accountable? Certainly not Bush. ^o)
    One more question.
    Why is it that when muslims do something it always labled as a ‘crime’ whereas what they are doing is defending themselves and fighting for their rights?

  45. I see you have reverted to what I have been saying all along.
    “You wont know the full until you are there and see the acts played out with your own eyes.”

  46. You have got to be kidding. Did you write the last column to try to convince yourself or to convince everyone that is reading this??
    Right wing appologists?? Let me let you in on a little fact. I am not appologising about anything? The United States is right in this endeaver even if some of the political reasonings are not sound. Atrocities against humanity have to be stopped. Atrocities that have nothing to do with political parties or religions, But atrocities agains human life.
    I guess the next item that I should cover is why I even respond to you. You don’t have a clue.
    You seem like an intelligent person from the vocabulary structure that you use, but you let your anger blind you.
    You said you want accountability,, Who is to be held accoutable for saddam using chemical weapons on his own people?? Who is to be held accountable for the iraqi torture chambers? Who is to be held accountable when a group of people hijack airplanes and blow up buildings? Who is to be held accoutable when a train gets blown up by terrorists?(spain) Do you have the answers for all that?? I doubt it. The only answer you have is that President Bush and the United States are evil and infidels. Let me ask you anoter question. True Islam is peaceful, so where did you all go wrong?? Why all the violence??
    The thing you must remember, is that America is not a place of evil. 99.9 percent of all Americans are a peaceloving people, but I know, for myself, as well as many others, that if you try to tread on me/us, we will come for you. We are not a weak people. Our will is strong. If you don’t like that “The truth” then it is just to bad. If you want to test us, then you will learn that we will not falter. You don’t have to like it, but it is just the way that it is. My hope for you though is that you can get past your blindness and your anger. That you can wish the best for all of humanity and then try to do something to help achieve that.
    A few more things?? Have you been to any other countries? Have you ever really seen suffering?? Have you had to kill someone to keep from being killed? If so, do you think it is an easy thing? I can tell you its not. If a woman was walking towards you strapped with explosives would you shoot her to stop her? Not very easy question are they??
    Oh,, and your statement about Muslim’s and crime,, You figure it out,, fly some jets into some buildings, kill thousands of people and then tell me its not a crime and they are defending themselves. Of everything you have ever written, that had to be the most absurd.

  47. Sorry everyone, My computer flipped out on me, hence the message coming across several times.

  48. Ive seen worse, Chechnya, Somalia, Bermuda etc etc, I really don�t see why a nation is up in arms over a civilian getting killed overseas by people they don�t understand. Poor kid sure, wrong place wrong time as the story goes. We (collectively) do worse to ourselves and neighbors, it just isn�t piped onto the internet, pity really, maybe it should be?
    Surfed in, then quickly out via some bizarre link, check your referral�s id like to know whence I came from.

  49. Thank you for your messages but we are very much going far ahead rather than focusing on the real subject. I would like it if another board was opened for this topic. Therefore we can discuss and argue there.
    The beheading of the Nick Berg.
    I have found some facts based on Nick Berg’s death.
    Please go to his website and scroll down until you see the extract based on Nick Berg’s death. Thank you
    Now if you want more information go to this website.
    The americans have shut most of these websites. These are probably the last two remaining.

  50. Why do you keep saying “FACTS?” Were you there to document any of this? The website undermines the intelligence of Arabs & their capabilities to manipulate technology, that is insulting. Do you think Americans are the only sentient beings that are able to operate video editing equipment & post things on the internet?
    Have you ever heard of a program called “Adobe Photoshop?” Wonderful tool it is. In fact I use it on a regular basis. I have used it to make dresses longer, fix lazy eyes, turn heads, put shirts on naked bodies, change words on documents, fill in bald spots, cut names off buildings & affix it to others, etc. The possibilities are pretty much limitless. Now keep in consideration that I am merely an amateur at this. Think of what the Pros can do. And it doesn’t stop at still photo manipulation, it goes wel beyond that.
    One of the things that the justice system is worried about now is the authenticity of any video evidence, when the possibilities to alter such evidence exist well beyond our pondering.
    You seem to be accepting too much of what you didn’t see as “Facts.” I hope you take this in and think really hard about what you keep saying. Any teenaged nerd is capable of building a website, post photos, & call it whatever they want. Hell some have even gotten money out of foolish adults by creating fake corporations & trading them online.
    Someone once told me to “believe half of what you see & none of what you hear.” Very powerful statement. Plastic chairs can be bought, garments can be sewn, walls can be painted, photos can be altered, videos can be altered, Arabs can learn, Arabs can buy technology.

  51. Now watch him reply that they photoshopped his decapitation. Wait for it …

  52. By the way, Reek, how do you like my addition of links to his posts? Facts can be such a bummer. 🙂

  53. Just goes to show that there are relatively no limits to computer technology. Thanks for supporting my point.

  54. i think what happenend to that american was cold blooded murder no where does it say in our quran that we have the right to kill an innocent person but i dont think that is as bad as what is happening to our people in iraq we are innocent people as well its not like we walk around the streets chopping peoples heads off its just the low life ignorant people who do stupid things like that all this woodnt have bigun in the first place if september 11 didnt happen also y is it wen a muslim does something that its spread over television before you no it the only thing that the media and people have admitted to were the naked prisoners nothing else im not saying that that american deserved to die he didnt but did those little innocent children do any harm to any body those little children who are now homeless and have no where to go just ask your selves this question what would you do if you were in there shoes and how would you feel if your child was killed for no reason what so ever im sick of people blaming muslims for what osama bin laden had done back in 2000 get over it it happened doesnt mean coz 1 person did something stupid doesnt mean every muslim is alike im sorry but im sure nobody i no wood want to kill innocent people for no reason but those who killed that american will be judged on judgement day so will those american soliders and that scrag who thought shed look cool pointing at the mans private parts
    p.s us muslims arent the ones opening our thighs for each tom dick and harry that walks past she should look at her self in the mirror wake up and realise that she was only used for pleasure

  55. ZaYnAb,
    If Muslims are so peaceful, then how do you explain this?

  56. Excellent Point Zaynab.
    I wish more Americans had an opportunity to get to know Muslims. Then they would not be susceptible to the silly anti-Muslim propaganda that is floated by some right-wing Christians.
    Muslims are good people. One fellow e-mailed me quite convinced that Muslims lop off the heads of every infidel they meet. I’ve been a guest in the homes of many Muslim friends, and the only thing they lopped off were extra servings of lamb.
    People believe such nonsense because they are ignorant of the facts. The oldest Christian communities in the world are in Muslim countries. Some of the oldest Jewish communities in the world are in Muslim countries. The deputy foreign minister of Iraq is a Christian. Saddam Hussein donated $1 million to help build a Christian church in the United States. There are Christians in practically all Muslim countries, and there have been for centuries. I’ve said all this before, but when lies blow strong, truth bears repeating.
    Islam, like other religions, has different groups. Some are strict in their observances, and they might be likened to the Christian Pilgrims who settled Massachusetts. But even the most strict � commonly called fundamentalists these days � know that a Muslim is commanded to treat Jews and Christians “as I would treat myself,” in the words of a Hamas leader.
    Osama and his supposed Al-Qaeda network is the perfect medium for America to invade muslim countries and establish military presence there as they have done in Iraq and Afghanistan. Although they used Saddam for Iraq. Who knows which county they will invade next, most probably Iran or Syria….. How much more longer are we going to be spectators as we watch muslim countries being invaded by the americans?
    The truth is that when thousand muslims die you cannot even see ONE news on telly but when 2 non-muslims die its all over the news. Is this fair?
    What Osama Bin Laden did was wrong. Killing thousands of innocent people is wrong in the quran (islamic holy book)
    The quran clearly states that no innocent should die.
    Why must ‘everyone’ blame ALL muslims for what ONE person did?
    When something happens it always the same sentence “Its the Muslims” or “The Muslims are sick”
    Dont judge one persons actions and blame it on the whole religion. Islam means peace!
    Oh by the way, i’m not a ‘he’. I’m a female.

  57. The American people just amaze me. How quickly they have forgotten the 911 incident. If America
    offends you, if you think this country is wrong for making a stand and saying we will not be trampled on or threatened by terrorists or held hostage, if you are burning the American Flag or
    knocking the American President for standing his ground and making a stand for this country then why are you in this country enjoying the freedom that has been given by so many who have given their lives in coutnless wars to protect this very thing. If America is such a horrible place, move !!! You people who critize and bad mouth this country finally stand up and act on what you complain about. Move to Iraq, live among the people who have been treated less than animals all there lives. I wonder what your opinion would be then. I am so proud we finally have a President that is not afraid to stand up and do what he says, kinda makes a terrorist think twice about the action they are contemplating against this country. What a concept, we are not just gonna take it lying down. I am pretty sure Sadaam is second guessing his decision today. I would never consider saying or doing anything that would lessen the sacrifice our military personell is displaying in it’s fight for freedom in Iraq. I don’t agree with the latest news on bad treatment of Iraqi inmates but there seems to be the few bad in every bunch. The Iraqi people have endured so much worse from their own government. So the next time you sit back in your easy chair with your cup of coffee, enjoying your freedom in this country, remember what the cost has been so you can do just that. Something has to change. The American people have to say enough is enough. We have to stop protecting the criminals at every turn and think about justice for the victims for a change. The Iraqi people are victims of hate and cruelty, go and interview some of those who have no voice in that country, get their opinions about the Americans. Interview the majority of our armed forces and listen to the pride in their voices when they express their feelings about America. To our President, Mr.Bush, thank you for your unwavering commentment to this country and it’s people. It’s about time !!!

  58. I don’t blame the muslims for the worlds problems, but the muslims are the cause of just as many problems in the world as everyone else. You make statements about which country America is gonna invade next. Well, How about this,, Why don’t the muslims leadership in these countries, take care of these problem people that commit terrorist acts????? Why don’t they track them down???? Why do they harbor them and protect them when they commit a terrorist act?? If they would take care of these murdering cowards and bring to them justice then the United states wouldn’t have to be involved. Do you think our troops want to be in Iraq? I can tell you that not one single American soldier wants to be there.
    And your statements about Osama and his supposed terrorist network,, What kind of trash are you spouting out of your mouth? Osama has made videos about his terrorist plans against the United States, yet you would paint the picture of The United States making him out to be a bad guy. Truth,, if you live in the United States, and you don’t like the freedom, or the rights that we have, then I strongly urge you to move out. I hear that Iraq is looking for some more people for their militant efforts. Of course if you were there though, you would have to completely cover your body to hide you from view and hope that your husband doesn’t beat you to death because of some “supposed” transgression. You could even move to France. Eat a lot of cheese and “wine” You want the truth, but you still haven’t found it. Anger begets anger.. and guess what??? There are a lot of angry people in the United States.
    and to zaYnab I am sorry for your suffering. Please remember that I don’t wish suffering on anyone, but don’t treat me or my country like we are infedil’s. We are not second class citizens. Our religious beliefs differ, but that doesn’t make you or us better than the other. It is the muslims that need remember that fact.
    The great thing about America, is that we can have things like this forum and say what it is in our hearts and not have to worry about our very lives. Can you say that in Iraq?? or any of the other middle eastern countries?? If you don’t know the answer, look to Saddam for a reference. That should be answer enough.

  59. Cheryl,
    I am with you 100 percent. God bless our great country!!!!

  60. To “the truth” again.
    Wouldn’t you know,, I went to a site called jihadunspun. It is amazing how you talk of muslims and Islam being peaceful,, but this site which supposedly comes from the middle east. glorifies the 9-11 incident and talks about muslims dealing a blow to christianity. Tis is not one militant, this is something that goes out to large droups of people. I suppose you cheer for something like this. Now you wonder why we are fed up??
    The muslim attitude has nothing to do with humanity. It has everything to do with destroying humanity.

  61. I just saw the video. I wish I hadn’t. This inhuman scum somehow saw fit to kill this young man, and for what? To send a message? That was the most grisley, disgusting thing I have ever seen one human do to another, and I’ve seen a lot. Don’t you ever just wish you had the power to right the wrongs? That old eye for an eye saying is ringing through my head, but I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting that responsibility. I only ask this…When did hatred run that deep, that it could be seen as a good idea to do such a thing?

  62. Hey “the Truth” keep your opinions to your self and go to Iraq so your beloved Iraqis can Behead you too….you anti american piece of $%&#
    You vile scum, go to hell.
    Soldiers didn’t rape anybody…you piece of #&*%
    you’re one of those $%^& bags that make this stuff up and try to defend murderers and psycopathic fanatics…..ahhh you are such trash…some one should poor vomit down your throat and seal your eyes and mouth shut.

  63. Hahahaha you make me laugh.
    Face the facts ‘A’. You BELIEVE what you want to BELIEVE. You and me know that the soldiers in iraq did do all those hideous things. Your just another american who thinks that by ‘agreeing’ with what i am saying is giving in.
    Ummmm you also said ‘keep your opinions to yourself’. Isn’t this a messageboard? Oh,you probably just realised that or you are ANOTHER anti-islamic person who believes that Muslims have no freedom of speech.
    You also said ‘go to hell’. You never know. We might meet in judgement day. I wouldn’t be suprised if you start begging for forgiveness.
    Your just another ‘typical’ immature teenager who has nothing to say except for some insults which do not affect me at all. To be honest i am actually laughing at you.
    I am not defending murderers or psycopathic fanatics. I am standing up to what i believe is the truth. Bush is a murderer. Most of those american soldiers are psycopath. They killed thousands of iraq’s and tortured innocent civilians. Teeenny meeny of those soldiers are decent, loyal people who are there for one reason. To help the iraqi’s.
    George Bush bombed iraq and promised them that all the damage’s made to the building were to be restored. I cant see any changes happening.
    Personally, i feel sorry for the families of those teeny meeny decent soldiers in iraq. Those soldiers should be brought back to their homes. They are being used.
    Thats all i’m saying.

  64. Truth???
    Lets get real for a minute. First,, A’s comments weren’t very productive, we all know that. Now you are saying that most of the U.S. Soldiers are vile evil people? I am starting to wonder why I even respond to some of the stuff that actually comes out of your mouth. I am not anti muslim or anti Islam. People can believe in what they want, but if your religion is telling you to do the vile things that the muslims are doing, then its a whole new ball game. Get off your high horse and start to learn the real truth. I noticed that you stopped responding to my forum. You probably realized that what I said made sense, and it is tough to argue against something that seems right. On the other hand, my argument against a lot of the crap that you have been spewing has been easy. I wonder why??? I bet it is because it is obvious that you are only carrying on the rantings and ravings of what you hear other people say. Do you have a mind of your own?? You ask that everyone else open up and see the truth, when you refuse to do the very thing that you ask of others. I know there are no easy answers. I know you are allowed to have your own view point just I as am. You need to remember though, that it is you that who is trying to push everyone to the belief that Islam is right and Christianity is wrong. Remember all your statements,, “vile, soldiers are mostly rapists, etc. . . ” You even use the word infidel in a negative way. Why does it bother you if a Christian doesn’t want to be a muslim?? Don’t say it doesn’t, because you will become a liar, and guess what,, Islam doesn’t allow that. Yes,, I know about Islam also. and Buddism, and the Jewish faith, and many other forms of belief though out the world.
    Another thing,, you said that Bush promised to rebuild the buildings and such in Iraq, but you haven’t seen it yet,, Hmmmmm, Lets see, a young man named Nick Berg was in Iraq,, just one person you see, who was attempting one of the steps of helping to rebuild, when someone takes him and beheads him. Yea,, that makes it easy for the constuction workers and such to come in and rebuild. Do you get my point here?? Or do you just argue to argue?? Or,,,, Are you so brainwashed that can’t see these things??
    I just don’t know why I waste my time with your ignorance……….. Maybe, I just want you to see some of “the real truth”

  65. See, “The Truth” has an agenda, & that is to belittle the people that protect “it’s” freedoms. Despite the few that have been blamed for the things they might or might not have done, the majority of the U.S. military are good people. They are working men and women just like us, minus the commute, because they live at their workplaces. How DARE you comment on anything? I almost want to say “you have no right to,” but you live in the free country that they died & are dying for day to day. Are you committed to your job?, and I dare you to say no, because if not for your job you would probably be eating from trash cans.
    Don’t you throw your “comfortable” words at the military!!! What I can’t stand are the A-holes that jump on the bandwagon like you have. Don’t say you didn’t, because you clearly have. Commit to your country d***head, we are fighting against the idiots that we allow across our borders hourly, who have turned and shot us in the back with an Elephant gun. We have enough enemies beyond our borders that hate us because we live freely, we don’t need enemies here at home, especially the ones that are leeching off our FREEDOMS.
    I know it’s beyond the subject of the forum, but it has to be said.

  66. and it was well said reek

  67. Please sent to me the pictures of us soldiers raped iraqians womwn

  68. Why do you want rape pictures, Basheer? Can’t you get them there in Warwickshire? Yes, I know where you’re logging in from.

  69. Iraq terrorist and soldiers are evil. They are ignorant people that have nothing to do but to kill inocent people. They are calling us abusive, they were the ones that started the war so they should deal with the consequences. Dont feel bad for the them. Just remember 09/11 They wanna war they got what they want it. So dont cry for the terrorist. Dont consider us mean

  70. they’re all as bad as each other aren’t they? =
    they’re all fightin against each other, killing prisinors and civilians.
    its ridiculous.

  71. yeah this site is good and all, but where is teh actual viedo,?? i have yet to be able to watch it….

  72. The words in my post are not all black. Some are blue. Those are known as “links.” When you click on a link, you go to a different page on the web. Some pages even have the video … like this one.
    Hope this helps.

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