Aftermath of the Nick Berg video

The Nick Berg tsunami is receding here. My traffic is back down in the neighborhood of 3,000 visits per day. Now what?
A few days ago, I speculated that the huge online demand for the Nick Berg video signaled that Americans have snapped out of their torpor and have remembered who we’re fighting and why it’s critical that we win. Looking back, I think I was being optimistic.
The big media continue to downplay the Nick Berg story (except for his father’s bizarre anti-Bush statements) in favor of the abuses at Abu Ghraib. The demand for the video has dropped sharply. I don’t hear politicians talking about Nick Berg. Conclusion: even though lots of people have seen or heard Nick’s murder by Islamists, not enough of us care enough to contact our politicians or our local newspapers to demand that our leaders wake up and start helping the war effort. Liberal politicians and their enablers in the major media will pounce on anything that paints George Bush in a bad light, but if a news item is likely to help Bush or support his policies and arguments, it doesn’t get covered.
Today, we have confirmation of Sarin and Mustard Gas in the hands of terrorists. Again. Will this be shunted aside in a day or two? I’m betting it will.

UPDATE: Sgt. Stryker thinks the Nick Berg traffic tsunami and the disappearance of the Nick Berg story from the mainstream media aren’t as significant as we right-wing bloggers think. The Nick Berg story’s over, you see, and the Abu Ghraib story continues with courts-martial and Congressional investigations. No bias here, folks, move along.
Uh huh.
Stryker also ascribes our interest in the differing coverage of the Abu Ghraib and Nick Berg stories to an overwhelming urge to view everything through the prism of “how it affects President Bush’s re-election”:

See, not everything is about Bush and the War, although like the “Anybody But Bush” crowd, the Right has lost the ability to perceive any information outside the context of Bush. Facts either hurt Bush or help him. The Left magnifies those things that they believe hurt Bush’s chance at re-election, and the Right does the opposite. The Abu Ghraib scandal is a prime example. Almost immediately, most on the Right began the type of equivocation common to the Left since 9/11. Now with the Nick Berg story, they can downplay Abu Ghraib and focus on something that they think supports Bush. This has nothing to do with principle, what’s right, or even what’s actually going on. It’s about politics. It’s about keeping Bush in office or trying to kick him out.

I’m not buying Stryker’s explanation. I might post something on this later, if his theory gets enough traction.
UPDATE 2: For information on the beheading of Paul Johnson … click.

  1. what does beheading mean?

  2. beheading (n.): execution by cutting off the victim’s head

  3. who ever wrote that bull**** about bush being heroic is bull****

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  6. Who’s “us” … America?

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  9. Calvin,
    I’m having a hard time understanding your horribly bad English. What exactly are you saying?

  10. that hole dam country of iraq needs to be blown away….jackie

  11. Wow, this site makes me want to puke my brains out. Nick’s father makes “bizarre comments”? You puke CIA plants are lucky Nick’s father is not spurting out the truth that his son was done in by his fellow countrymen to distract attention from American torture abroad. I mean, geez, the Americans didn’t even take Nick out of the orange prison jump suit when they executed him. – A rush and panicked CIA hack job.

  12. simunsez,
    Your crackpot conspiracy theory doesn’t hold water. Now go find some other site to host your asshattery, lest I call my Zionist CIA masters and have you snatched away in a black helicopter.

  13. to whom it may concern-
    it is upsurd for all of you to beleave Nick Berg died on that video…because if you beleave that you beleave a glass is half full but not half empty. 1) IF YOU WERE BEING THROWN DOWN TO THE FLOOR WITH A KNIFE AT YOUR THROAT….woodnt you make a facial expression? 2) that was fake blood on the video. if he had been beheaded…LITERS UPON LITERS would have been spurting everywhere. i know that this is gross and obscene…but to all of you…the GOVERNMENT IS HIDING SOMETHING. NICK BERG WAS NOT DECAPITATED AND DIDNT DIE ON THAT VIDEO. email me for your commments.

  14. sparticus,
    Whose head was it in that video, then? Why’d the Berg family bury Nick if he wasn’t beheaded? Read the refutation of your silly conspiracy theory before you type.

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