First an abortion on British TV, now on American radio?

Syndicated talk radio host Glenn Beck, a conservative pro-lifer, spent a major part of today’s three-hour show discussing his intention to broadcast the sounds of an abortion on tomorrow’s show, commentary-free. Basically, he’s calling the pro-choice bluff that says “it’s just a surgical procedure, nothing more.”
Although he’s known for masterfully-done gags and parodies, he’s also been known to get deadly serious for long stretches. I’m not sure whether this is a giant publicity stunt, or whether it’s real. How in the world does a conservative pro-life talk radio host find an abortionist willing to allow microphopnes into the clinic? What kind of woman agrees to her abortion being broadcast to millions?
I’m a pro-lifer’s pro-lifer, but I’m not buying this one.
If you’re interested in listening in, here’s how to find an affiliate that carries his show.

UPDATE: I was right. It was a stunt.

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  1. Best of Me Symphony 58

    When Owner’s Manual read that gay porn and Wonder Woman repeats are coming in heavy doses to France’s first television station aimed at gays, the obvious question became Wonder Woman – Feminist or Dyke? Liberals like Clinton and Ted

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