Air America needs a tagline, eh?

Here’s my first attempt to contribute to The Alliance. Try these taglines:

  • Air America: Affirmative Action for Idiotarians
  • Air America: Killing Grey Cells Since 2004
  • Air America: Six Whole Affiliates Can’t Be Wrong
  • Air America: Actors With Faces For Radio
  • Air America: O’Flashin’ In The O’Pan
  • Air America: Live on Drecks-M Radio!
  • Air America: Wait! Don’t Change The Station! Please!
  1. Precision Guided Humor Round-up: Tagline For Air America

    Even though Air America is already foundering in a sea of bad finances, that hasn’t stopped the many fine folk of the Alliance from doing their part to keep this crap-tastic pile of bitter blogfodder afloat by offering their suggestions

  2. Anybody Else Wanna Negotiate?

    While reading this week’s Alliance homework assignments I came across a few interesting items. Over at Johnalism there’s a great post called “The Idiot’s Approach to Online Debate” (April 14th). Excerpt:So let’s say that yesterday it was sunny for the …

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