Abortion on British TV, but not here

Hat tip: Drudge
The Observer reports that the BBC’s Channel 4 will screen a graphic film showing an abortion on April 20th.
Any attempt to do that here on ABC, CBS, or NBC would be … well, aborted. In America, land of free speech, our most divisive issue is never confronted in its gory reality on TV. Pro-life activists have been forced to get creative with efforts like The Reproductive “Choice” Campaign or The Genocide Awareness Project. Their tactics get coverage, and by extension their photos get airtime on TV despite the media’s reluctance to show them.
The British approach is refreshingly open:

“I decided to include images of 10-, 11- and 21-week-old aborted foetuses in my film because, however shocking, repulsive and confrontational they are, they represent the reality,” Julia Black, the independent film-maker behind the programme, writes in today’s Observer.
“Aborted foetuses from 10 weeks on look like tiny babies. Rationally, we know abortion ends the life of a potential human being, but why, when we see what they look like, are we so shocked?”

I’d say we’re shocked because our consciences scream “stop killing!” when we see dead children.