Where were you from 1993-2000, Dick?

Richard Clarke is all over the news, moaning about the Bush Administration’s dismal prosecution of the War on Terror. Power Line fisks him well, but I want my pound of flesh.
Let me see if I’ve got this straight.
For eight years, we watch our skyscrapers get carbombed, our embassies and barracks get blasted open, and a destroyer get explosively peeled like a sardine can, all by an Islamofascist who delights in taking credit for the mayhem. In response, we sling some cruise missiles at some tents in Afghanistan and an aspirin factory in the Sudan, and then turn down Sudanese offers of Osama bin Laden’s head on a pike. After 9/11, which folks like good ol’ Dick would have us believe is best dealt with by arrest warrants and indictments, a new president decisively topples two terror-sponsoring regimes and prevents further attacks on American soil. Then, Clarke angles for a better job in Homeland Security and gets told “nope.”
Now, this myopic Clinton administration hold-over gets sacked from his cyberterrorism advisory post by the Bush White House, and just coincidentally floats a Bush-bashing book in the runup to a presidential election? Forgive me if I’m not impressed by his credibility.